A Police Constable has occupied the chair of a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). Another police constable who had retired from service is also back on his collection job. Now is the time to ask “aur kitne achchhe din chahiye MITRON?”, The constables and DCP- are currently posted in Thane police, neighbouring Mumbai, Maharashtra.

ABI (abinet.org) is in possession of a photograph that can shock and stun every sane person but the photograph has failed to shock or evoke any kind of reaction from the Top echelons of Thane Police. As per the picture, a Police Constable Shivaji Patil is seen occupying the official work – chair of DCP, Zone – 5, Avinash Ambure.

One must remember that this constable is the same Shivaji Patil who was notorious in Thane for acting as a collection agent of DCP Avinash Ambure. He is currently posted with Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of Thane Police. The question remains – is he really that powerful that he can easily occupy a chair meant for DCP?

A second constable named Rajendra Jogi who happens to be an accomplice of Shivaji Patil, has been posted in Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Department, overseeing the PITA act. However, allegedly, even Rajendra Jogi is also known to be working as Intermediary for top officials of Thane Police, especially the DCP (crime). There is a known whispering in the police department that no one has seen Rajendra Jogi in his Police uniform or doing any real duty since last 15 years, as he acts as an Intermediary for the top officials of Thane Police.

PA Patil also gets an extension as a Collection agent

PA Patil, a retired constable, previously with Thane Police, has also hit a lottery. He has been deployed by the DCP’s of Thane Police to collect Hafta (A form of bribery or protection money to be paid to influential persons) on their behalf. PA Patil also happens to be the brother of Shivaji Patil. It seems that he has a Diploma in Collection of Hafta and providing other ancillary services to seniors. The Additional CP’s and Zonal DCP’s have immense faith in Patil’s ability as a collection agent. So much that even after his retirement from service as a police constable, the top police officials continue to use him as a collection agent. There are whisperings about P A Patil in the Police department as well. There are ramblings in the Police department that P A Patil is ‘Mukesh Ambani’ of Thane Police. He is known to honestly collect the Hafta on behalf of Additional CP’s and DCP’s and only keeps a reasonable cut of Rs 25 Lakhs every month for himself.

Constable Shivaji Patil calmly and proudly occupying a chair meant for DCP Avinash Ambure. However, to his immense shock, surprise and sheer anguish, no officer has uttered a word against Shivaji Patil or even Avinash Ambure. Retired constable PA Patil is also back on his old job as a collection agent for the top officers of Police. It is evident that now there is Ram Rajya in Thane police and every police officer is happy with the deployment of these persons as their collection agent. Therefore, for officers or Thane Police as well as these constables, one can easily say that “aur kitne achchhe din chahiye MITRON.”

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