Ranjit Mahanti

AMBARNATH police in Thane district kidnapped, thrashed and extorted Rs 25,000 from a corporation employee and claimed that he was a diamond smuggler. Although the employee is a President of his Takari community organisation and his daughter is a student in a police coaching class.

On November 11, 2019 Shashikant Ratnakar Gaikwad had complained to several authorities against two policemen- Bande and Suryavanshi (full name not known)- demanding that strict action be taken against them. According to complaint Gaikwad is a resident of New Bhendipada, Ambarnath (West), Thane district. Gaikwad’s daughter Chetna is a student of police coaching class, Dhruv academy at Dombivali. Due to heavy rush in local train she entered in ladies first class compartment and ticket checker (TC) caught her. TC fined her of Rs 400 and she had no extra money for auto rickshaw fare. She called her father to come at railway station to pick up her on motorcycle. Gaikwad was waiting for her outside Ambarnath (West) railway station on November 6, 2019 around 9pm.

At that time two policemen- Bande and Suryavanshi- appeared there. The forcefully grabbed Gaikwad’s collar and forced him to go to the police station. When Gaikwad asked what crime he had committed, They said, “police station mein chal tab batayenge.” Policemen also forcefully took an unknown person who was inquiring an address from Gaikwad to the Police Station.

Bhande and Suryavanshi undressed Gaikwad at the police station. They saw that Gaikwad was carrying Rs 27, 500 in his pocket. They abused him verbally using filthy language and slapped him several times. Gaikwad introduced himself many times and said that he is an employee of Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation, a president of Takari community organisation and that his daughter is also coaching for police department job. But policemen flatly refused to listen to any of Gaikwad’s assertions. They claimed that he was a diamond smuggler. They threatened Gaikwad will lose his corporation job if they will register FIR against him. “Bhande aur Suryavanshi ne kaha ki ve mujhe arrest kar meri corporation ki naukari kha jayenge. Agar naukari bachani hai to 25,000 rupaye dene padenge,” said Gaikwad.

Gaikwad told policemen that he has taken Rs 25,000 loan from a friend to pay off patpedhi’s loan. But Bhande and Suryavanshi forcibly snatched Rs 25,000 and kicked Gaikwad out of the Police Station.

“I will file petition in Bombay High Court against Bhande and Suryavanshi if police authorities does not taking action against these corrupt and errant police officials.” said Gaikwad.

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