ANJALI MUKERJEE FAKES IT FOR YEARS: Self-styled doctor creates health awareness for Mumbai police, designs food plans for Miss Universe and Miss World

Fake Doctor Anjali Mukerjee

Ranjit Mahanti

THE diet plans for ‘Miss Universe’ Lara Dutta, ‘Miss World’ Priyanka Chopra, ‘Miss India’ Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia and many other celebrities have been designed by a fake doctor. This pseudo is also into creating health awareness for the Mumbai police.

The person in question is none other than Anjali Mukerjee, celebrity nutritionist, columnist and author.

A Right To Information (RTI) reply revealed that Anjali Mukerjee cheated more than five lakh customers, mainly Bollywood celebrities and top bureaucrats, by posing as a doctor. On February 27, 2017, Dr Ved Tiwari complained to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demanding an inquiry over her claims.

According to the complaint (copy with ABI), Anjali claims she cures obesity, digestive disorder, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, menopausal complaints, chronic fatigue and low immunity using the Ayurvedic system. She also claims she has a degree and calls it MD (Alternative Medicines).

Dr Ved Tiwari

On a complaint by Tiwari, FDA officers raided Anjali Mukerjee Health Total ‘Clinic’ in Thane. Officers were informed that Anjali never visits the clinic. She has appointed BAMS and BHMS doctors in the clinic and they attend to the patient on behalf of her. On April 28, 2017, Anjali appeared before FDA officers. She said (FDA report copy with ABI) that:
1- She is not practicing as a doctor.
2- She runs her business only as a dietician and nutritionist.
3- She has a degree from Indian Council of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, (Doctor of Medicines and Alternative Systems Registration No- 18701 and Alternative Systems of Medicines Registration No- 47073). She even produced the degree certificates. BUT BOTH DEGREES ARE NOT RECOGNISED BY ANY MEDICAL COUNCIL IN MAHARASHTRA AND DO NOT MAKE ANYBODY A REGISTERED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.

As per Maharashtra government GR issued on August 19, 2000 (copy available with ABI) none can practice without obtaining registration in Maharashtra Medical Council, Maharashtra Dental Council, Council Of Indian Medicine and Maharashtra Homeopathic Council. GR further says if doctor found guilty under sections 33 (2) for practicing without registration in aforesaid councils it is punishable offence amounting to rigorous imprisonment of 1 to 3 years and cash penalty of Rs 1,000 to 5,000.

Anjali also accepted that she sends emails to the patients posing as a doctor to advertise her Health Total Pvt Ltd business. She also accepted to FDA officers that DOCTOR title was wrongly put in front of her name. Anjali later removed the DOCTOR word from her website.

On June 22, 2017, the FDA wrote a letter (copy with ABI) to the Brihannmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) suggesting action should be taken against Anjali Mukerjee and it should be informed about the action taken.

About Anjali Mukerjee in short
Anjali shot to fame in 1996 when she became an “Official Nutritionist” for the Femina Miss India contest. She consulted the contestants consecutively for eight years. The food plans of ‘Miss Universe’ Lara Dutta, ‘Miss World’ Priyanka Chopra, ‘Miss India’ Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia and many others were designed by her.

Anjali has delivered talks for the Mumbai traffic police to help the force stay healthy and fit.

She is the proprietor of Health Total, a chain of “Health Clinics” having 60 centres across India, including Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, Indore and Nashik. Anjali cheated more than five lakh customers across the country posing as a DOCTOR through these centres.


  1. Not only this doctor but there are many, several doctors who boasts and claim that they can cure root out the diseases like chronic acidity, depression, erectile dysfunction, sugar, arthritis pain etc on 100 % guarantee. But even the researchers of medical science are skeptical rooting out these ailments. Even the companies like Mankind, Alembic, Pfizer are throwing dust in the eyes of the doctors and all.The medical association and the relevant people are not a bit serious about their fraudulent ways.Hence health ministery and the concerned with the help of honest media are earnestly entreated to look into this matter seriously. THE PRICES OF MEDICINES ARE INCREASING BY 10 OR 15 PERCENT EVERY YEAR. …..PLEASE RAISE VOICE AGAIN THIS BECAUSE ALL HUMAN BEING HAVE THE HEALTH PROBLEMS.

    • I know Anjali indirectly and though I have never tried her simply because I have no drastic weight or drastic health issues by His grace alone but hey I have come to respect her. People are not fools to run away from these medical MDs and try naturopathy and other alternate solutions . This Dr Tiwari has to learn to swallow his pride and accept the fact that the lady has proved herself by showing positive results on her clients… and she has grown in leaps and bounds right before our eyes because people are benefiting. Your medical degrees have their own place but there is an alternative science running parrael and there are more cases where medical MDs and pharmacists in first world countries killing human beings than alternate interventions. Having said that it is accepted that in an emergency one must run to a hospital…and hopefully you will come home alive sometimes as a altered human being .. never mind.. am joking. But on a serious note I know plenty of MDs who advise their patients to try homeopathy or aurveduc medication as most ailments have no real cure. I am sure Dr Tiwari must be advising his dear ones too secretly …
      The world is changing.

      • She can be a good nutritionist..but she should not pose herself as doctor……This is crime..

        • So what would anyone call someone who had a PhD ?ofcource Dr so and so .. she has never claimed that she is a medical doctor as far as I know. She must be a PhD as she says -I am only looking at how she has made a success of her knowledge. She has her diehard followers and it is hard to fool so many people -so let her be. Reading some notes from her disgruntled clients makes me wonder if this is the disadvantage of growing too big and having too people working for you. She must find a good strategy to address these admin issues.

        • Has she hired you as her PRperson? And are you qualified to do that too?

      • Yo babes get a reality check no one should fake their qualification even if they know medicine u need to have a certification . You people is what is wrong with india . Will u be ok if a surgeon fakes his qualification and cuts u open . This is a serious offense respect people who study hard to become real doctors and do not succeed.

        • If I ever an operation I will go to a surgeon not a alternative therapist. that’s my decision. I do not think any alternative health advisor can do a surgeon’s job and vice versa Neither can anyone without a MBBS degree prescribe allopathic medication – it is a crime.
          but there are other alternative parallel remedies in Ayurveda available and what’s wrong if people choose to use it –
          As far as I know Anjali is a qualified dietician her patients and if she has a fake PhD one can always find out. Why this big hate campaign and infighting going on amongst us ? This is looking like a social media trial than a informative discussion.

          • You make total sense KRD.., Someone doing the rigth thing without a qualification is far better then thousands we come across who are qualified Doctors but engaged in day and night frauds. Chill guys, she only gave positive health common sense ayurveda tips. and the right ones.

          • Read the article carefully, even the degrees she is showing , are not recognized anywhere in Maharashtra,,

            She is similar to “guggi pehalwan” of delhi , who is more famous than doctors of the same area, but doesn’t have any degree. He had made thousands well ,, but I have seen two cases where he ruined the life of the persons who later needed amputation of their hands

        • Well said anonymous… 👌

      • Horrible dat u r defending a woman who is a quack n has made millions posing as a fake doc.She deserves to be behind bars for cheating people rather being applauded for her fake practise!!

      • If so why she was cheating patients by posing as doctor! She is another greedy looser who got busted.

      • KRD- what a shame that you are defending a fraudster. If she had belief in her methods of treatment she did not have to pose as a doctor. This is called fraud.
        Alternative medicine is generally a belief and not exact science. Whilst I agree that western medicine cannot cure all human ailments, at least it provides scientific (and replicable) methods of treatment. Alternative medicine is uneregulated and therefore easily practiced by quacks like her. People like her use fancy advertisement tactics to lure customers by posing as doctors to gain respect from customers. Unfortunately the irony is that even educated people like you will be happy to spend thousands of rupees to get a consultation from her but would haggle for money when it comes to paying a real doctor. It is not surprising why so many talented doctors from India go to western countries to serve their population where they are respected. It is probably better to do that than serving educated fools of India. Disgraceful.

        • Wowwww what a hateful post based on a silly equally hateful poorly researched article ..Alt. Med isnot dependent on your personal opinion of Alt.Med and neither is this llady Anjali. Greed shines in your pozt..not her business!!

        • xyz pl note i am not her lawyer to defend her but I support her in her work as she is knowledgable and has been studying and upgrading her skills. She has her required certifications as a dietician etc – and if you don’t like what she practices so be it. Stay away from her . She had enough people who like her. I have friends who have benifitted from her advise. That’s how I know of her. She is also a smart business lady and she must be good for people to pay for her advise. It’s not easy to pull money out of people’s pockets. Stop assuming that I spend mindlessly on alternate therapists – as I said I have not been in any negative health situation but friend I have lived long enough and travelled enough to make my choices wisely. And I do not wish to dismiss alternative natural remedies or non medical therapies carried out by non medico experts unless they are causing nasty side effects. My only concern would be now they Anjali has gone so big she needs better admin strategies to address some dissatisfied clients.
          About doctors leaving for the west is an old story – they all want to come back. Let’s pray we are led by our spirit to discern what is best or better for us. Each one to his own. There is place for everybody.

      • You can’t be serious woman !!!

      • Ma’am no qualified doctor advises homeopathy and Ayurvedic for chronic diseases..Diseases which have no cure in Allopathy doesn’t hv any cure in alternative medicine either.. alternative medicine people even practices allopathy although not authosised for same.. here u r supporting sumbody who doesn’t posses any medical degree matlab jholachap.. lyk illiterate teaching in best college ..although its hard for non medico to understand the difference.. still i think u got the answer

      • I don’t think you got the point read the article properly

      • If proven that Anjali M is posing to be a medical doctor and prescribing allopathic drugs it’ is totally wrong by any standards and she needs to prove her innocence if this is not smear campaign against her by medical doctors. I have only said that I have heard from friends who have used her dietery advise as being good. If she has got PhD in nutrition then good for her. I hear she has appointed Ayurvedic doctors working with her who are prescribing Ayurvedic medication. She seems to have taken it to the next level. Let her clients decide do the required investigation.
        I am not her defence lawyer for heaven’s sake , but a member of the civil society just like you with a personal opinion based on what my friends shared with me. Let this be a sensible friendly informative discussion as opposed to fighting so that we learn.

      • Appreciated Dr. Ved for his hard work but, the women out here is no fraudster or a cheat as she never ran away from the industry and has grown big with right ethics (except if she used Doctor before her name). She is a business women and that needs to be appreciated.

      • Braavo… Ha an aba ba.a… nice point if view… (Y) ..

      • Dr Sushant Andhale

        Respected madam with all due respect, ultimately every leaf of every tree has to grass has to fall on ground. That ground is ” the reality”. However winds like ramdev, anjali mukherjee, homeopaths, ayurvedic, unani, siddha, tibb, magical remedies, naturopathy, jadoo tona, jhaad phoonk, badha, karni, bhanamati, electropathy may wonder the patient in air while on tree or in air but the tree gets its nutrition from ground which provide nutrition to tree and it allows the tree to flourish, when the tree looses ita connect to ground it falls back to ground. And accepts the reality whichias Allopathy and modern medicine. Winds comes and goes reality remains same,
        Dr sushant Andhale

  2. Doctor she may not be , but she is a nutritionist who gives diet advice along with consultation from bams, bhms doctors. Her results are 100 percent. I have personally experienced and completely vouch for her. Ok she was calling herself doctor, now she has taken it off her name as per this article so why tarnish her image like this ?

    • Ya she increased the awareness level of proper dieting and overall health awareness, must say!

    • You are actually justifying her practising without a real degree.

    • its like a thief sharing her booty and so you vouch for her. she is neither a Dr or a nutritionist. she has appointed Dr’s who advise her. she is a cheat and a fraud. Duped people. Today anyone on Google can become anything. talk sense please.

    • Ranjit Pandey MD

      Exposing the facts is not character assignation. Adding the title doctor is fake and a crime. As a nutritionist and business woman she may have wonders…agree.

    • Absolutely true! I’ve experienced her alternative healing in mind, body and soul because of Anjali. Looks like a smear campaign by an antagonised individual.

    • Tarnish her image???? She has no image full stop. People like her should be behind bar once n for all for playing with people lives.. if you like you can continue treatment from her.. we don’t need these self proclaimed doctors on streets

  3. I am a totally dissatisfied client of hers who’s left behind a large sum of prepaid charges. When she prescribed some unknown powders I refused to take them.
    Her spam messages keep bothering me and won’t stop despite my repeated complaints.
    She should be booked for all misrepresentations and malpractices she is found guilty of.

  4. Sanchita Sengupta

    I do not know who are to give this report ! But I have been her patient ten years back and have achieved incredible results through her guidance !! I am sure this post is created to malign her so that some others can benefit by jeopardising her business !! She is not earned fame by paying her way through but by delivering what she claims !

  5. What is fake in this??? She is nutritionist and she is doing her job….She is chot claiming to. 9nduct any surgery or anything….She is nutritionist and she is destiny diets which is fair…What faking in this??
    Results vary person to person….

  6. She might or might not be a doctor she may not be , but she is a nutritionist who giv. But she and her supporting bams, bhms doctors have given me 100 percent results. I have also personally experienced and completely vouch for her. It’s called Health Total. Its run by a team of experts in this field. What’s it to you?? Why spoil somebody’s name. Somebody that has “effectively helped me and thousands of others with better health. I will stand with all at Health Total for the good work they have done for our society.

  7. Yup… Clear misrepresentation.. she has gained popular vote so none of this affects her.
    Bottom line dietitian are not doctor….but should need registered license to practice clinically…which many nutritionist with a valid degree apply for ….
    Again…the demand for licence is not mandatory so everyone who does not have qualification is in this business model for easy money .
    -Dr. Shradha Sodhani (PhD)

  8. I have also been cheated by their outfit in Gurgaon as they gave me a eight month package and took the entire amount which was 50000+ . After 3 months I didn’t lose any weight and was told that it’s because of stress. I didn’t go back to them – no refund given either . I had knee problems and couldn’t go down to their basement clinic. Nobody knows anything there

  9. The punishment has to be more stringent in India for people positioning as doctor but are not and taking undue advantage of people’s trust .

  10. I completely disagree with the above statements. I have lost a huge amount of weight under her guidance, I am feeling more energetic and a happier person. Stop being a hater!

    • This is about ethics. This is fraud if one was genuine then start something like Baba ramdev let people decide if you want to buy or not.
      This is clear cheating case and this is criminal activity which should be punished. So that other learns imagine if a doctor pretends to be a doctor and by mistake she gives wrong diet ..Who is responsible ??? It’s like someone placing a bomb to hurt others and when his own kind dies in it then it hurts really bad..

  11. I am also dissatisfied client of hers . I took the medicine only for a month .nd it had severe side effect .although they claim for cure bt i think they have given me more problems. They give too much medicines with in an hour interval nd ur minds nerves get stiff. So pl dont opt for these packages

  12. She is not RD so she can’t practice!

  13. She done better than qualified doctors, this case is not for fraud, treat this as misinterpreted case.

  14. In India anyone can pose as a doctor. People may not know their own work but surely know the doctor’s job. Such frauds must be booked for cheating peole.

    • Mr.Ved pls start investigating al this fitness clinics like pretty slim than Dr.Bhavna from kandivali west. So many fake fitness clinics. Even vlcc in tht regards.

  15. It’s appalling to see so many people ganging up agains a woman who is just famous, i understand if she has been accepted by so many and has been a successful woman she must be good at her job and knowledge enough to do some good, what makes people think that a degree or a peace of paper 📝 makes anyone a doctor, I can show u 100s of people who have passed out of medical school with sheer money and there knowledge is 0 .. stop bashing her and if her prescription or consultancy has harmed anyone make her pay for that, but apart from that whatever she does if she is good at it let her be and haters should mind there own buisness

    • A fake degree and practicing without registration is unethical and must be punished. It’s deliberately done to lure people and in the long run become famous. We in India become too lenient to rules and regulations which is why there are so much fraud and corruption. Which is why we do not progress and we tolerate unethical practices. It tells on us as a society and race.

    • I am indeed shocked to hear this. I have been a satisfied client of health total. She has doctors who are trained and they speak with conviction. Her diet and ayurvedic herbs and her diet food has made a lot of difference. To justify this I have also got my medicals done pre n post the health plan. I have seen amazing results.

      No diet in isolation can reduce your weight. No nutritionist can guarantee that one can lose weight by dieting. This has to be supplemented with exercise. It also depends on the body constitution. We can’t generalise. Initially I was skeptical too but when I spoke to some of my friends they said it’s worth a try. I enrolled myself and today I m thankful to anjali Mukherjee health total. She has created a brand and identity for herself…This wouldn’t have been possible if she was FAKE. I vouch for her health plans and her diet plan. Just one last thing I would like to mention nothing is permanent in this world…no dietician can claim weight loss is permanent. It’s usually a 70:30 ratio. 70% exercise and 30 % diet. Please do not tarnish the image of her brand and stop making false allegations

  16. I totally vouch for her results.. her doctors are awesome. They plan such a balanced diet that you feel good inside and outside. Results vary from person to person and I feel if she has accepted her faults and changed accordingly her title she cannot be a fraud.

  17. This all was known previously still he’s chain of clinics is running,they must shut down

  18. Every single medical institute is paid for by the corrupt and big pharmas. Alt. Med is here to stay. Your recognition of licensing bodies is of no consequence to public health. Its a game we are subjected to. The medical practitioner just wants to make money. They dont care about human life. Its not rocket science to see the typical greed of this man Ved Tiwari. He just gave the lady some free publicity and gave us a look into his failed business. There is no tablet for stupidity!


  20. Here Read…. the report itself says that has a valid degree of Alternative medicine from Kolkata…. only it’s not registered in Maharashtra..
    Are you all nuts blaming her and calling her fraud. Read this..
    On April 28, 2017, Anjali appeared before FDA officers. She said (FDA report copy with ABI) that:
    1- She is not practicing as a doctor.
    2- She runs her business only as a dietician and nutritionist.
    3- She has a degree from Indian Council of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata, (Doctor of Medicines and Alternative Systems Registration No- 18701 and Alternative Systems of Medicines Registration No- 47073). She even produced the degree certificates. BUT BOTH DEGREES ARE NOT RECOGNISED BY ANY MEDICAL COUNCIL IN MAHARASHTRA AND DO NOT MAKE ANYBODY A REGISTERED MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.

    Since her degrees not recognized here in Maharashtra she agreed to remove the title Doctor…. Aur Kya chahiye? She gives results and she is successful nutritionist and a businesswoman.. Clap clap..

    • Dr. Sarang Phadke

      Dr. Sarang Phadke ( Registered Medical Practitioner ),
      I am practicing as a family doctor since last 23 years.
      In this long journey I have seen many MBBS, BAMS, BHMS & MDs & experts like cardiac disease reversal or diabetes reversal experts , but have seen patients maintaining normal BP readings even after 1 year of withdrawing medicines only with patients of Anjali Mukerjee.
      Obviously those patients were my patients before & so they are not my patients now.
      As per routine I was treating them with success as they were maintaining normal BP or TSH levels with my medicines.
      But it must be accepted that guidance & / or treatment of Anjali Mukerjee is better than all of us.
      But there is also an another side!
      One who goes to Health Total must have good control on mind , because as soon as one gets derailed from the given diet; BP & TSH levels start rising ( after 2 / 3 months ).

  21. Even I get lots of emails n SMS from Anjali Mukherjee for same kind of reasons … she is a spammer too . People like her n she should b taken action against

  22. The F**k in BJP Bhakt Tiwari is hell bend to malign any good person. All these other Bhakts are jumping to support him.

  23. Received this, seconds after reading this article

    Lose weight on full stomach! Anjali Mukerjee Health Total offers weightloss @ Rs 1000. No scary diets or gadgets. Sms AM to 53030

  24. This is not about BJP and bhakth. Please do not lose the perspective.

  25. Terrible! I know many of these fake doctors who pursue a regular science degree in India and then do some course abroad for a year or two to become ‘doctor’ here…technically you cannot become a real doctor in such short span of time…their credentials are absolutely fake and unfortunately we don’t check it before approaching such plush clinics…these fakes are mostly found running skin clinics or weight loss clinics.. I know of a beautecian who became ‘doctor’ after a year’s course in USA

  26. I was under her treatment and fainted..hit my head and was in ICU for 2 days.Inspire of repeatedly contacting them I got no response. ..since I am not in Mumbai I did not peruse the matter.

  27. It seems Anjali Mukerjee is just puppet. Real criminal is her husband, Saurabh Mukerjee.
    Who is running the show behind the curtain.
    There are many atrocities registered on the name of Weight loss.
    Since 2004 Health Total’s reputation is in jeopardy.
    Mr mukerjee, sharm karo, khuda se daro.

    • Anjali Mukerjee is just a self claimed super nutritionist , she is just avg just that she speaks well & presentable , Doesnot do anything different . Her husband my god disaster , a total freak . he needs some medical attention . Sooner the better . He is trying to make money by selling fake weight loss treatment to people . Ban them its time .

  28. Its a clear case of cheating with public at large. She should be behind bars.

    • Dr Avinash Agarwal

      You may be giving results but you did not start with the right perspective
      Using false degree is crime enough to be behind bars

  29. Guys It’s time we start an online petition to ban them & ask authorities to take action against them, there are lots of truth that need to come out about Anjali Mukerjee & her husband running the business . It’s also very important that they take this seriously as they take legal notices very lightly they say nothing is going to happen to them ever . They get notices from their own employees atleast one in a week as first they fire people and then don’t pay their dues. interestingly they had 2-3 income tax raids as well in the past . I leave it to your imagination what else is happening inside .

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