Anonymous letter exposes NAVY officer’s converting BLACK money into WHITE in Naval Dockyard Co-Operative Bank

A detailed letter, sent to several authorities including ABI ( by anonymous person, has blown the lid of alleged massive corruption by top naval officers. The naval officers including union leaders changed black money into white in The Naval Dockyard Cooperative Bank Ltd, Naval Dockyard, Lion Gate, Mumbai.

Anonymous person sent a letter last week, through mail to ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) and also several authorities. The letter states that on December 7, 2016, many persons deposited Rs 24,000 each at Naval Dockyard Co-operative Bank, Lion Gate branch. The cash was in the form of last year demonetised higher denomination old currency notes. The cashier noticed that the same set of persons are regularly depositing Rs 24,000 into the bank account and withdrawing the same amount after a few days. The cashier was also aware that those persons did not have so much money of their own accounts as they were doing apprenticeship.

The cashier shared his doubts to his colleagues. The matter was soon referred to senior officials of the bank. They immediately called those persons and questioned about depositing old notes in bank. During the course of enquiry they confessed that they were depositing notes on commission basis and also on instructions of one Prakash Chandrakant More. More is a Naval Dockyard employee working at Centre no 10. He was supplying old notes to them.

Shocking, the top bank officials hide the truth and did not approach the police.

ABI ( has no other proof but complainant (letter writer) claims that Rear Admiral Sanjeev Kale, who is also the head of the bank, exchanged old notes worth of Rs 76 Lakh. Similarly, GM, HR, Vivek Agrawal Rs 24 Lakhs and General Secretary and head of Naval Employee Union P.B. Panigrahi exchanged Rs 16 Lakh in same bank.

Perhaps that was the reason bank authority did not approached city police. The letter demands inquiry into the matter.

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Interesting – especially the part where it states that the ASD (B) is head of the Bank!!

Also, 76 Lakhs in old notes. LOL.

Amit Desai

Admiral Superintendent of Naval Dockyard is chair man of the bank.


All Bullshit!