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THE NAVY’s Mumbai wing is in news for a wrong reason again. Now security guard attendance scam has been detected by ABI (abinet.org). Several security guards posted in NCH colony, Kanjur Marg were found absent but have marked as present and huge money (salary) siphoned off from Navy account.

This is one more such scam and irregularities detected in NCH colony, Kanjur Marg, Mumbai in recent times. ABI (Akela Bureau Of Investigation) is in possession of attendance sheet of security guards that claimed they were present for all 31 days but reality is something deferent. Guards were absent at work, but fudged the rolls to show they were present.

Earlier (till March 2017) APS Company was providing guards to the colony. APS provided guards for two years but bills for seven months approximately Rs 34 lakh is pending with department. Sources said there were around 35 to 41 guards on duty but APS cheated Navy and always sent attendance of 51 guards, i.e. mentioning 16 name fakes.

See details about attendance of few guards:

1) Sheetala Pandey hardly worked for 15-20 days that too in emergency.
2) Vaibhav Sada Phule, hardly worked for 2 months.
3) Rudra Pratap Dubey : Hardly worked for 2 months.
4) Seema Shukla hardly worked for 6 months. Not on duty since last 10 months atleast.
5) Rahul Yadav used to work 1 year before. Not on duty since an year.
6) Sheetal Raghwan worked for only 4 months.
7) Sajjan Thakur hardly worked for months.
8) Prakash Sawant never worked regularly
9) Arjun Gawde is a drunkyard, drinks on duty. Remain arbitrarily absent.
10) Mohan Paswan hardly worked for 4 months.
11) Vinay Jha hardly worked for 2 months, almost at the end of APS time period.
12) Santosh Gaikward, hardly 4 months.
13) Deepak Soni hardly worked for year. Left job before Deepawali.

After April Dynamic Pvt Ltd Company started providing security guards. Sources said Dynamic provided 42 guards to the colony but Dynamic also fudged the attendance and produced around 17 fake names to the Navy department and collecting money of 59 guards. Suppose one guard takes Rs 10 to 10.500 salaries. It means Dynamic cheating Rs 1.7 lakh per month from Navy department.

Importantly, speaking to ABI few guards accepted that they never worked for all 31 days. Remember, this is not possible without involved of commercial department staffer, Commander MHA Mujawar, ex- security officer Chiman Lamba and Rajaram Toraskar.

NCP leader Sudhir Singh has complained (copy with ABI) to several authorities demanding favorable inquiry and action against culprits. “I will file suit in court against this scam,” said Sudhir Singh.

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