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CONGRESS leader in Ulhasnagar Jaya Sadhwani’s daughter in law Palak Sadhwani has claimed that Jaya Sadhwani is a MONSTER in a woman’s disguise. Her allegations are not without merit. The reasons for Palak Sadhwani’s allegations and claims are based on Jaya Sadhwani’s extremely strange and disturbing behaviour. Palak Sadhwani says that her father had passed away and they had barely concluded the cremation process and were in a state of extreme shock, sadness and anguish. It was during such distressing times for their whole family when Jaya Sadhwani insisted and pestered that Palak be married to her son Vishal Sadhwani immediately.

Palak Sadhwani has narrated this incident in her complaints against her mother in law Jaya Sadhwani, husband Vishal Sadhwani and father in law, Mohan Sadhwani. Palak’s complaint narrates how even during the most sad, distressing and trying times for her and her family, how Jaya Sadhwani forced Palak Sadhwani and pressurised her family to get married to her son Vishal Sadhwani immediately.

Palak’s father Daulatram Dodwani passed away on January 31, 2006 after a prolonged battle with illness and the whole family was in a somber mood and the household was filled with sadness, distress and anguish. Despite knowing this, barely 5 days had passed since the family had cremated Palak’s father, Jaya Sadhwani barged into Palak’s house on the 6th day with a lot of attitude. She introduced herself in such a frightening and menacing way, convincing the family that she is the most dangerous and influential lady in entire Ulhasnagar. She immediately proposed and demanded that Palak marry her son Vishal Sadhwani. Palak’s mother Vandana Dodwani has just become a widow 6 days back and was in a state of extreme shock. Palak’s mother politely informed Jaya Sadhwani that Palak’s marriage was already fixed with a boy based out of Kolhapur. She also requested Jaya Sadhwani that the family is still in mourning the death of her husband and hence it was not possible for her to discuss marriage during the mourning period. Despite this polite rebuff, Jaya Sadhwani visited Palak’s house the second day and ordered that she had decided that Palak will be married to her son Vishal and no one else. She reached their house on 3rd day as well saying that she was aware that Palak’s family was extremely poor and hence she will taken just a token dowry of 51 Rs and not 51 Lakhs Rs that was customary given Jaya Sadhwani’s stature. She mentioned that she found Palak Sadhwani to be a beautiful girl and hence wanted her to get married to his son.

Shockingly, barely 10 days had passed since Palak’s father’s sad demise when Jaya Sadhwani showed up on 10th February 2006 again. She forcefully handed a pre – wedding Shagun of Rs 1100 and sweets to Palak’s maternal uncle and announced that the marriage of Palak is hereby fixed with her son Vishal.

Vandana Dodwani, Palak’s mother says that when she started making preliminary enquiries about who this absolutely BASHFUL and SHAMELESS woman was, she was informed that Jaya Sadhwani was a feared and influential leader of Congress party in Ulhasnagar. She was a corporator and was addressed as ‘Didi’ by everyone. However her actions were not befitting the title of Didi. She presented herself as an extremely dangerous LADY DON of Ulhasnagar City and was feared by everyone. She also ran an extortion racket.

After a few days, the then Police Commissioner of Thane District (City), Surendra Mohan Shangari intervened on behalf of Jaya Sadhwani and fixed the wedding date. However after this Jaya Sadhwani crosses all limits of human decency and Palak’s family got a first taste of humiliation in the hands of Jaya Sadhwani. At the time of engagement, Jaya Sadhwani told Palak’s mother Vandana that she, Jaya Sadhwani has a status and reputation in the society that she needs to protect. Therefore her guests would be rich and influential people. She told Vandana that since you come from a poor background your guests would also naturally be poor and would come to the function dressed in basic and ordinary clothes. Therefore Jaya Sadhwani insisted that Vandana Dodwani refrain from calling her guests to the function. Even Vanadana was told that she not dress like a widow and wear colourful clothes despite being in mourning.

Thus, despite being in a mourning period, when entire family was undergoing emotions of sadness, distress, anguish and tears, Jaya Sadhwani has the audacity to show up unannounced at the family’s house and executed a marriage proposal. Palak Sadhwani was married to Vishal Sadhwani on May 18, 2006.

At the moment, I hate the word Jaya Sadhwani, says a helpless and sad Palak Sadhwani.

NOTE: As per journalistic ethics THE OTHER SIDE of the story should also be published but ABI avoids this because Jaya Sadhwani has a tendency to misuse her power and register fake complaint against reporter with police.

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