DCP Akhilesh Singh

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) is in possession of three video footages that clearly show that the DANCE BARS are running their operations frequently without any impediments from Police in DCP Akhilesh Singh who is in charge of Zone 7. DCP Akhilesh Singh has reversed all the good work his predecessor DCP Sachin Patil had done. DCP Sachin Patil was known to be very strict against any kind of illegal activities in bars and had not allowed dance bars to function in the area during his tenure.

The video footage belongs to three bars, Ghatkopar’s Natraj Bar and Mulund’s Uma and Shreya Bar. All these three bars are notorious for their illegal activities. In the footage, the girls are dancing while customers are showering notes on them. Not only this, in one footage a customer is clearly seen indulging in indecent activity with his friend.

Rajendra Chavan, attached with NCP party and resident of Bhatwadi, Ghatkopar has made several complaints against such dance bars. Previous DCP Sachin Patil took strict action against Uma and Shreya Bar but current DCP Akhilesh Singh has turned a completely blind eye to such blatant and rampart illegal activities. In fact, his actions or lack of any stern action against any of the dance bars, despite several complaints suggest that he is favouring the owners of these dance bars and is offering them confidence to operate and continue their illegal activities with impunity.

“Prakash Mehta hamara partner hai”
According to the complaint, Chavan visited Natraj bar, near Somaiya College, Ghatkopar (east). His mobile was deposited on bar gate. He saw more than 25 girls were dancing on floor, customers were showering notes on them. Waiter charges Rs 500 for one bottle of Soft Drink. When Chavan inquired about the unreasonable cost, the manager said, “Hamare yahaan ek Thums Up Rs 500 ka hi padta hai. Kyonki sabko sambhalna padta hai. Sr Inspector, ACP, DCP sabko regular hafta dena padta hai. Tumko kahin bhi jana hai jao. Hamara kuchh bhi nahin bigadega. Prakash Mehta hamara partner hai.” Chavan went outside the bar and complained on police helpline number 100 but no policeman came on the spot.

Minister Prakash Mehta with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis

The situation at Uma and Shreya bar at Mulund is also the same. When Sachin Patil was the DCP, Zone-7, he took stern action on such illegal bars and had not permitted dancing or any illicit activities at the bar. But as Akhilesh Singh took the charge he allowed the bar owners to run the bar as well as to carry on with such illegal activities with impunity. Illegalities apart, the general crime rate in Zone 7 has increased manifold since Akhilesh Singh has taken over, leading to situation of complete lawlessness.

Chavan complained to several authorities against dance bars and also provided proof. He demanded information through RTI but failed to get it as DCP Akhilesh Singh is hearing the first appeal himself.

The high-profile Natraj bar is owned by Bharat Thakur, Jitendra Thakur and Dinesh Thakur. The businessman claims “Thakur” (resident of Navi Mumbai) is well connected politically and boasts of connections even in Delhi. He claims to have settings at very high levels within the Police Department as well and has boasted that no police officials, including DCP Akhilesh Singh himself have guts or daring to take any action against him. DCP Akhilesh Singh is certainly keen to prove Thakur right, given that he has so far failed to take any action against any bar owners.

“DCP Akhilesh Singh ne jis tarah se apne zone me illegal activities ko badhava diya hai us se to ek gana unke upar banata hai, “DCP Ji zara dheere chalo,” said a social worker.

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