Deputy Commissioner of Police Avinash Ambure


THE Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)’s squad conducted a raid on orchestra bar in Thane after the bar owner could not provide the DCP with a Russian call girl. The bar owner had previously provided the DCP with an Indian call girl. However, DCP refused to accept an Indian call girl this time and said that he was now bored of Indian call girls and insisted on a Russian girl.

The DCP in question has been identified as Avinash Ambure, is currently posted at Zone – 5 in Thane police. The bar owner is Vinod Shetty who runs Khushi orchestra bar. The bar falls under the jurisdiction of Kasarvadavali police station, Ghodbunder Road, Thane (West).

At 2.00 AM on August 18, 2019, DCP Avinash Ambure’s special squad conducted a raid on Khushi (Night Queen) orchestra bar. 38 girls, manager Sudhakar Shetty, bar owner Vinod Shetty and five customers were arrested at the time of the raid.

The bar owner, Vinod Shetty was completely taken by surprise and was shocked by the action of DCP Avinash Ambure and Inspector Vaibhav Dhumal. According to Vinod Shetty, Vaibhav Dhumal, the Inspector who was in charge of the raid, took Rs 80,000 as bribe in the police station in exchange for promising minor action in the whole incident. But, the Inspector went back on his word, and produced all the arrested persons in court, where they were released after being charged Rs 7,500 each for a total of Rs. 3, 37,000.

Vinod Shetty then inquired as to why his bar was raided by DCP Avinash Ambure, despite being provided a regular Hafta (hush-money) of Rs. 50,000 and bar girls per month to him. Vinod Shetty was shocked when he was told that DCP Avinash Ambure has had a change of taste in girls and now he is demanding a Russian call girl as he is now tired and bored of Indian call girls.

Russian girl, supplied by TRP Bar’s owner to DCP Avinash Ambure

Shetty, to his shock, also found out that owner of one of his rival bars in the area, TRP bar, regularly provided a Russian call girl (See Picture) to DCP Avinash Ambure. In fact, on August 17, 2019, DCP Avinash Ambure was seen with a bar girl in Room No 301, at Hotel Lerida in Thane. DCP Avinash Ambure has also spent a lot of time with the Russian girl at Ashiyana Bungalow in Yeoor, Thane.

Police Constables Shivaji Patil and Rajendra Jogi allegedly act as collection agent/Intermediary whenever DCP Avinash Ambure requires services of a call girl.

Supplier of Manpower, Datta Kadam, has complained to several authorities against DCP Avinash Ambure, and other police officers for their illegal activities. On October 4, 2019, the officials recorded Kadam’s statement (copy available with ABI). However, no action was taken by the concerned department against DCP Avinash Ambure, Vaibhav Dhumal, Shivaji Patil and Rajendra Jogi.

NOTE: ABI has also received a complaint against Akhilesh Singh, DCP zone-7 of Mumbai police. The complaint is similar in nature. ABI is verifying the truth and nature of the allegations and collecting evidence on the same at the moment.

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Pratik Kesarkar
Pratik Kesarkar
1 year ago

The name of the TRP’s owner is Mr.Nihal Tanna.
He is a pimp. He always comes in the lounge with russian girls and other bar girls.