Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis With Satish Shetty at Penensula Grand

Proprietor of illegal OPA Bar & Café claims to RTI activist that he has cordial relation with Devendra Fadnavis

SOCIAL activist Amit Tiwari last week had exposed that how Parbat Shetty had planned to kill ABI editor Akela in Bangalore under the pretext of filing a defamation suit. Now Tiwari had revealed that Shetty once claimed that he had made gangster Chhota Rajan fool. Parbat Shetty had dared to take action against the illegal construction evoking illegal establishment’s owners personal rapport with Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Sharma had claimed that Fadnavis visits OPA Bar & Café on their one phone call.

“Ek baar Chhota Rajan ne mujhse Rs 15 crore ki demand ki thi. Maine use Chutiya bana diya. Main dedh saal use mila hi nahin. Tab to main Chhota tha ab to main bahut bada ho gaya hoon,” Parbat Shetty disclosed to Amit Tiwari.

Under a RTI query Sakinaka police replied to Amit Tiwari that OPA Bar & Café located in Peninsula grand hotel, Sakinaka is totally illegal and have no requisite licenses. On the basis of this RTI revelation ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) has been exposing illegalities of OPA Bar & Café.

Prashant Sharma with Satish Shetty

Former informer of late police inspector Vijay Salaskar and liaisoner for Shetty community Parbat Shetty asked Amit Tiwari to manage ABI (Akela). When Amit Tiwari failed to manage Akela Parbat Shetty, Karunakar Shetty and Satish Shetty forced Prashant Sharma to vacate a canteen Amit Tiwari was running in Chandrabhan Sharma College at Powai owned by Prashant Sharma.

“Canteen meri ekmatra rozi roti thi. Usi se main parivar ko palta tha. Jab main Akela ko manage nahin kar paya to Prashant Sharma ne canteen khali karwa di,” said Amit Tiwari.

Earlier Amit Tiwari had cordial relations with Prashant Sharma. All of these GENTLEMEN shared with each other their views on threatening Akela to impress Amit Tiwari. Parbat Shetty told how he had planned to murder Akela in Bangalore under pretext of calling him there for a defamation suit. Parbat Shetty further revealed that once Chhota Rajan had demanded Rs 15 crore extortion to him but as he is much vicious. He fooled Chhota Rajan and not paid single paisa. Parbat Shetty claimed then he was small but now has become very powerful. He proclaimed that even Dawood Ibrahim or Chhota Rajan can certify that he can do anything and was ready to spend two years in jail. “Mere baare me Dawood ya Chhota Rajan se poochh lo main kitna pagal hoon. Main do saal jail jane ke liye taiyar hoon lekin kuchh bhi kar sakta hoon,” Parbat Shetty told Amit Tiwari.

Satish Shetty and Karunakar Shetty claimed they had encroachment on BMC’s vegetable market land. An RTI activist (Anil Galgali) exposed that but nothing happened. They allegedly have pocketed entire BMC, Rahul Shewale, Rajhans Singh, Naseem Khan.

Jahaan CM aata ho…..
Prashant Sharma told Amit Tiwari why he is fighting with Karunakar and Satish Shetty. Everyone knew Karunakar and Raj Shetty (owner of Ramee group) are well connected with D-Company. Don’t fight with them. You will disappear otherwise. Think on it. On their one phone call Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis visits OPA Bar & Café then who can dare to take action. Everyone is for sell. We have lots of money. OPA Bar & Café never will be shut down at any cost.

DCP lies
Zonal DCP Navin Reddy told Amit Tiwari and OSD of state home minister that I have taken immediate action on OPA Bar and Café and it has been closed. Earlier all illegal activities (Hookah Parlour, discotheque ets) were running on terrace but now has been shifted on first floor. You can call it an ABI IMPACT. The DCP is lying for sure.

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Very nice akelaji


Very much disappointing attitude of police towards these illegal activities & mafia .. People have no more faith on this corrupt system ..

Amar Mishra

जाको राखे साईंया मार सके न कोई……
But be careful and big salute to you for ur bravery….. Bhaisahab
Jai Hind….


Good Investigation…


Great Sir, Very Good Investigation.. but also take care of ur self…


This is something which is trending in Mumbai. White collar extortion. Basically RTI activist are trying to mint money by publishing false articles. Baseless accusations are made about businessmen without any proof. Why no evidence is provided about the murder or link with underworld? Why opa is being targeted specifically? Kindly try to earn money through better and cleaner means.


Freedom of Press should not be misused, instead of trying to earn huge profits by creating bogus and false news press should focus on constructive journalism.


white collar extortion under with d help of politician