THE Customs Department on Saturday seized gold, cigarettes and laptops worth over Rs 29 lakh from three passengers at the airport in Chennai.

The department’s air intelligence wing intercepted the passengers upon their arrival from overseas destinations and seized the precious metal, cigarettes and laptops.

A Customs press release said in the first incident, officials recovered gold which was concealed in the pant pockets of two passengers who had arrived from Dubai.

Sleuths also recovered 5,760 cigarette sticks and 10 refurbished laptops that were concealed in their baggage.

In the second case, officials intercepted a passenger on his arrival from Colombo and recovered gold in paste form from his possession.

He had concealed it in his rectum.

The total value of the gold seized in the two incidents was Rs 28.10 lakh while cigarettes and laptops recovered was Rs 1.07 lakh.

One passenger was arrested as the total value of gold seized from him crossed Rs 20 lakh, the release said.

According to the customs department, passengers carrying gold less than Rs 20 lakh in value are let off after collecting their passport and other details.

They are arrested once the value crosses Rs 20 lakh and do not possess any valid documents for the gold.

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