Ranjit Mahanti

A person by the name of Kiran Shah runs an illegal dance bar at Navi Mumbai. No officer of Police, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) or Enforcement is taking action on this blatantly illegal operation because Kiran Shah claims that he is affiliated to the Government of India himself and that he also has a steadfast partner in his operations at the bar. His Partner is Madan Manohar Ballal, the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) and he manages the police and other officials so that Kiran Shah can continue running the bar without the risk of action by officers.

The said dance bar is situated in TTC Industrial Area, MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai and falls under the jurisdiction of Turbhe police station. The bar operates under the name Bela Resto bar and under license of Saphair bar and restaurant. Kiran Shah, who was a small-time police informer, has now boldly written ‘Government Of India’ on his car (MH 05-CH-8778). He is a Panel Member of The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), also known as the Censor Board, which is a statutory censorship and classification body under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, under Government of India.

Bela Restro Bar

Kiran Shah further claims that Madan Ballal is a sleeping partner in Bela Bar. Madan Ballal is currently posted in Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Thane as DySP. He provides protection to Kiran Shah and the bar operations. If any police official, NMMC official or so called social worker approaches Bela Bar or tries to take any kind of action against the bar, Madan Ballal manages them, by threats, coercion, and his power and influence.

Kiran Shah’s Car

On September 23, 2019, Vinod Gambhir, a Junior Clerk working with Public Works Department (PWD), was arrested by Thane ACB for allegedly demanding a bribe of Rs 80,000. As Bela bar has carried out illegal construction work within the property, Vinod Gambhir refused to issue soundproof certificate to him. As a result, Kiran Shah conspired with Madan Ballal and managed to get Vinod Gambhir arrested.

Bela bar violates all the existing rules and regulations and yet manages to carry out its operations smoothly and in full swing. Kiran Shah is allegedly running illegal dance bar under the guise of an orchestra bar. As per Maharashtra Prohibition of Obscene Dance in Hotels, Restaurants and Bar Rooms and Protection of Dignity of Women (Working therein) Act, 2016, ‘dance’ is not allowed in orchestra bars. But more than a dozen girls have been seen dancing (see video), and customers are flinging currency notes on them which is a clear cut violation of the rules.

Thus, Kiran Shah, who is a panel member of CBFC, which falls under Government of India, misleads everyone by using the Logo ‘Government of India’ on his car, leading people to believe that he has an influential position in Government, or is a part of the Government. On the other hand, his partner in the dance bar, Madan Ballal, uses his power and influence to prevent anyone to take any kind of action against the illegal dance bar and ensures that Kiran Shah can run it smoothly. One can only help but wonder if any police officer or department will take action against this bar or will they be scared of Ballal and let the bar run as it is.

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