Heartless Navy’s Security Officer threatens two minors with revolver; forces them to do 10 sit-ups


S. Gajendra Mudliyar, a resident of Kanjur Marg (West) has complained against Navy’s heartless Chief Security Officer Suresh Awasthi stating that Awasthi threatened his two minor sons with revolver. Awasthi threatened them with a revolver when his sons were playing on an empty plot near their house.

Mudliyar (45), a mechanic by profession, has complained (copy available with ABI) on 9th June 2018 to Parksite police station requesting that a FIR be registered against the Chief Security officer Suresh Awasthi.

According to the complaint, incident happened around two months back. Mudliyar’s two minor sons (name held with ABI to protect their identity) aged 11 and 13 years were playing cricket at an empty plot in NCH colony, Kanjur Marg (West). Suresh Awasthi appeared there. He threatened them with a revolver and snatched their bat and ball. He then raised the gun at the kids and forced them to do 10 Sit-ups on Gun Point. He also menacingly threatened them that next time if the kids are seen playing on the ground, he would shoot them. Awasthi has also not returned their bat and ball till date.

The minors, scarred by the incident reached home and their father observed that they were uncharacteristically silent and that they were not eating their meals properly and did not sleep well at night. On second Morning, the father, Mudliyar questioned them as to what the matter was and the kids told him about the whole incident with Suresh Awasthi and the revolver. Even while narrating the incident, the kids were shivering.

Place where kids were playing at the time of incident

The plot in question is a vacant plot that shares a boundary with Naval Colony and is often used by civilians on a regular basis. There is usually no security there and even as of today the kids of neighbouring areas play there without any issues. Therefore such severe behaviour against kids by Officer Awasthi was all the more shocking and has impacted the mental state of the kids severely.

Mudliyar shared the details of this incident with his friend and BJP Leader Ramesh Singh. Mudliyar and Ramesh Singh immediate went to NCH colony to register complaint against Awasthi. But security guards did not allow them to enter in colony premises. One of the security guards laughed on them and said, “hamare saheb (Awasthi) to Kutte-Billi ko bhi revolver se bhagate hain. Tumhare bachchon ko bhagaya to kaun si badi baat ho gayi.”

“Ek security guard ne hamara mazak banate hue kaha ki hamare saheb (Awasthi)  to Kutte-Billi ko bhi revolver se bhagate hain, tumhare bachchon ko bhagaya to kaun si badi baat ho gayi,” said Mudliyar.

On this comment, heated arguments happened between them. Another friend of Mudliyar sent complain through mail to several Navy officers including public relation officers (PRO) but no action has been taken against Suresh Awasthi till date.

Now Mudliyar has complained in writing to Parksite police station requesting strict action against Awasthi.


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