Rakesh Panigrahi

A homosexual student has terror in SKC School at Nalasopara. He masturbates in classroom. He so far has forced three students to have oral sex in school toilet but Tulinj police station in Nalasopara refused to register FIR against him as he is son of a railway protection force (RPF) inspector.

As accused student is minor (15-years) we are forced to protect his identity.

He is student of standard 8 in Stanny Knowledge Campus (SKC) School and Junior College in Evershine city, Nalasopara. His father is RPF inspector and attached with superintendent office at Mumbai Central. His mother is also a constable with RPF police station, Virar.

Three parents of same school last week approached Tulinj police station to register FIR against the accused student Samar (name changed to protect identity) but failed. Tulinj police are not showing interest as Samar’s father is RPF inspector and mother is constable. Samar allegedly forced three students in school toilet to have oral sex. Parents first complained in writing (copy with ABI) to school principal Stanny Pinto and later Tulinj police too.

Samar’s friend Ajay (name changed to protect identity) is also involved on similar crime with him. He is a standard 9 student and also a homosexual. His mother runs beauty parlour at Juhu.

First crime
On September 14, 2017 Samar was caught masturbating in school’s tuition class room. The teacher observed and asked him what he was doing he replied, “He had a choke in his pocket and just carving that.” Later he went in toilet with his friend Ajay and started masturbating each –others. A teacher informed school principal Stanny Pinto. Pinto interrogated them and punished a little. Pinto also called their parents and informed about their activities in school premises but parents took its very lightly stating their sons have few disease in their private parts.

Pinto called trouble for himself. Samar and Ajay’s parents registered FIR on September 17, 2017 against him under sections 324 and 325 of IPC at Tulinj police station.

“Pinto beat my son badly from belt,” said Ajay’s mother.

“I punished them a little but did not beat with the belt,” clarified Stanny Pinto.

With an FIR against Pinto Samar and Ajay’s encouraging level elevated. They became fearless. They started misbehaving with many students. Even abusing and threatening with dire consequences.  Even another two parents also complained with Pinto that both accused students did odd behavour with them.

ABI (abinet.org) tried to reach senior inspector of Tulinj police station but failed. He neither answered up phone calls nor not replied to text messages.

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Amar Mishra
Amar Mishra

Very bad such thing is going in classroom and tution room which is very shameful for school nd society too…..Samar should be punished…
Great efforts taken by you a big salute for you bhaisahab…

Vikas Satam
Vikas Satam

Perents are more responsible for such incidents..