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THE residents of Jamshed Baug society in Colaba have planned to forcefully offer contaminated water to Ward Officer and local Shiv Sena Corporator Sujata Sanap for drinking. The residents are irked with BMC officials and the Corporator after they avoided taking action on complaint by the residents that they were getting dirty and contaminated water since the past three months.

According to Amit Nalawade, the residents of Bella Court Building No-1 and 2, Divyang Building, Pornima building in Jamshed Baug society, Colaba have been getting dirty water since the past three months. The water is totally unfit for drinking or consumption.

There are 250 flats and around 1200 residents in these buildings. The residents have complained to the BMC several times and have approached the local Corporator Sujata Sanap with their requests and complaints as well, but so far no remedial action has been taken by the Corporator or the BMC. The BMC A-ward officials and corporator have turned deaf ears on their plea. The source of contaminated water has still not been found and it is suspected that the water pipelines have been damaged for water thefts and pilferage and hence the sewage water is getting mixed with the water meant for drinking and human consumption.

Examination period is going on and the kids in the area are falling sick. The local residents are in complete panic and have been consuming mineral water.

“We have complained to the Ward Office and Corporator many times but they both have systematically ignored our pleas for help. Now we have planned to teach them a lesson. We don’t care about results but will forcefully feed this dirty water to ward officer and Corporator,” said Amit Nalawade, resident of Bella Court building and advocate by profession.

Pardeep Sahani, Sachin Shetty and Prakash Gajaria have similar thoughts.

ABI VIEW: It is indeed sorry state of affairs that the residents of a developed metropolis like Mumbai are being made to complain, beg and growl for something as basic as clean drinking water. The attitude of laxity shown by the corporator as well as ward officials is both shocking and saddening. Dirty and polluted water can be life threatening especially for younger kids with under developed immunity systems. BMC officials, by failing to rectify this, or act on complaints of the residents, is exhibiting extreme negligence. The BMC Chief should personally look into the reasons for delay in acting on the complaints of the residents. The responsible officials need to be not suspended, but dismissed from service and they along the corporator should be named and shamed publicly so that no other official repeats or demonstrates such apathy and negligence in future.

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