Gurnani Brothers

Rakesh Panigrahi

AA BAIL MUJHE MAAR, an old Hindi proverb which literally means inviting a buffalo to hit yourself. It is used to describe someone’s actions when they have invited trouble upon themselves. A classic example of this phrase can be presently witnessed at Ulhasnagar and demonstrated by a person named Himanshu Ajay Wadhnani. 8th standard passed Himanshu Wadhnani invited brothers with known reputation of being cheaters to cheat him if they can. The brothers, also popularly known as ‘Cheater brothers’ in Ulhasnagar accepted his challenge and cheated him of massive Rs 45 lakh and his wife of Rs 30 lakh as well.

We are talking about ‘Gurnani Brothers,’ well known as THREE CHEATERS in Ulhasnagar. Gurnani Brothers- Kishore Mulchand Gurnani, Pradeep Jhamandas Gurnani and Bunty Jhamandas Gurnani alias Mahesh- the resident of Shanti Sagar apartment, C-block road, Ulhasnagar-3, run a Chit Fund company by name Krrish at Ulhasnagar-1, near Rahul Shoes.

34 years-old Himanshu Wadhnani a commission agent by profession often visited Gurnani Brothers office for delivering his employer Suresh Keswani’s documents. Wadhnani become friendly with Gurnani brothers. One day in year 2014 Wadhnani told Gurnani brothers that he knew that they cheat people by doing bank loan fraud. He wants to know how they cheat and wonders whether can they cheat him too? Gurnani brothers said yes.

“Gurnani brothers Ulhasnagar me ‘Three Cheaters’ ke naam se badnam hain. Mujhe loan ki jarurat nahin thi. Lekin ye dekhne ke liye ye log cheating kaise karte hain maine unse kaha ki mujhe cheat karke dikhao. Unhone mere saath aur wife ke saath bhi cheating kar diya,” said Wadhnani.

One day Kishore Gurnani took him to Bank of India, J J Marg, Mumbai branch. Only on one paper bank employee took signature of Wadhnani.

Later Wadhnani came to know that Rs 45 lakh loan was passed on his name and 30 lakh on his wife’s name. Although his wife never visited bank or signed on any paper. Later Wadhnani was informed that Gurnani brothers formed two companies- M/s Naresh trading and M/s Dhiraj textiles. They also forged the all documents- Income Tax Returns, Shop Establishment License Import-Export License, Balance sheet and various documents. Loan was passed on Wadhnani and his wife’s name but amount was used by Gurnani brothers.

In 2016, bank sent outstanding notice of Rs 80 lakh to Wadhnani then he was shocked. He met Gurnani brothers. They assured that they will return his money but they shut down the office and escaped. Wadhnani approached Deepak Chhatlani, general secretary of Ulhasnagar trade association. On suggestion of Chhatlani Wadhnani complained (copy with ABI) to several authorities demanding action on Gurnani brothers.

“I know Gurnani brothers are big fraud. Now they are not traceable. I will try my best to give justice to Wadhnani,” said Chhatlani.

In the meantime, Himanshu Wadhwani is regretting the day he challenged these brothers to cheat him only to satisfy his curiosity.

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