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ON July 8, 2018 ABI published article under headline, “Not bureaucrats, politicians run corporation, all ‘tainted’ men against YUVRAJ of UMC on issues of corruption.” ABI had promised its readers that it would publish the antecedents of people who have a hand in this suspicious suspension of Yuvraj Bhadane. We bring before you the backgrounds of men responsible for orchestrating this suspension, namely Jyoti Kalani, Bhagwan Bhalerao, Rajendra Chaudhary, Meena Ailani, Jivan Idnani and Dilip Malvankar. We are also providing reasons as to why they are targeting the Yuvraj.

On July 9, 2018 UMC Commissioner (a promotee IAS officer) Ganesh Patil had suspended Yuvraj Bhadane. Commissioner said that he was unsatisfied with reply of Bhadane. But actually, he was in acute pressure from many so called social activists and politicians.

Hope Ulhasnagar has become completely CORRUPTION FREE city after suspension of Yuvraj Bhadane.

Now, 1540 different individuals are taking credit for being responsible behind suspension of Bhadane. We bring before you the background of a few of these people and explaining why they are taking credit of suspension of Bhadane. 

1- Bhagwan Bhalerao:
a- Bhalerao was unhappy after Bhadane had demolished four commercial galas in ward number -7, near Durga Mata Mandir, Ulhasnagar-2. These galas were constructed by Pritam Kukreja and Raju Shera. Bhalerao used to collect protection money from these contractors.

b- Bhalerao has registered FIR citing atrocities act against then UMC Commissioner Rajendra Nimbalkar. Nimbalkar had authorised Bhadane to look into court and legal matters.

2- Rajendra Chaudhary:
a-  On February 24, 2014 Bhadane had registered FIR against Rajendra Chaudhary under sections 353, 332, 504, 506, 34 of IPC in Central police station. Bhadane was demolishing illegal structure (tear garden) in Vitthalwadi. Chaudhary was unhappy as Bhadane had dared to demolish illegal structure in his AREA. Chaudhary attacked Bhadane with his supporters as well.

b- Then UMC commissioner Rajendra Nimbalkar had started process of disqualification of Rajendra Chaudhary under section 10 (1) (d) of MMC act. Nimbalkar had authorised Bhadane to look into legal and court matters.

3- Manoj Lassi and 4- Prakash Talreja
Well known personalities in Ulhasnagar and there is no need to publish anything extra about these two persons.

5- Dilip Malvankar
Bhadane had registered FIR under MRTP act against Dilip Malvankar in Vitthalwadi police station for illegal construction in his building Swami Vivekanand Apartment, Lal Chakki, Ulhasnagar-4. Bhadane had also issued demolition notice of the illegal portion of the building. A person Sunil Pimple had complained against Malvankar.

6- Jyoti Kalani
Current MLA from Ulhasnagar city and wife of murderer Pappu Kalani. She raised issues in Nagpur assembly for action on Bhadane. On April 8, 2013 Bhadane had registered an FIR under sections 353, 147, 149, 332, 427, of IPC and Mumbai police act against Pappu Kalani. Bhadane dared to demolish illegal structure in Ulhasnagar-1. See the “hypocrisy of Kalani family.” Omie Kalani son of Pappu called Bhadane and said, “Uncle we are with you. Don’t worry’ but his mother raised this issue in assembly.

7- Jeevan Idnani
Very crafty politician of Ulhasnagar city. He desired to single handedly rule the city and be part of its politics. On February 20, 2013 Bhadane had registered FIR of MRTP against Idnani in Central police station. Idnani was protecting illegal establishment Sagar furniture, near Dolphin Club, Ulhasnagar-2

8- Meena Ailani and 9- Kumar Ailani
Meena, current Mayor of Ulhasnagar city, having no knowledge of ABCD of politics and wife of businessman Kumar Ailani. Kumar Ailani instructed Bhadane to not take action on illegal construction Barrack Number – 805, above room number – 5, 6, 7, 8, opposite Tilson hotel, Ulhasnagar-3.Taking advantage of road cutting issue businessman constructed RCC construction. Although shops were not affected in road cutting. Bhadane has sealed/locked the shops.

NOTE: ABI repeats that it is not giving clean chit to Bhadane. “Unhone jaisa kiya hai, vaisa bhogenge,” but whoever are behind his suspension also do not have a clean hand.

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