IN an unexpected turn of events, a man from Agra has filed an RTI (Right to Information) to the Central Information Commission (CIC) requesting to know his blood group. The man had undergone a blood test at four different pathological labs in Agra, both private and government run. He was however taken by surprise when there were varying results.

One of the reports indicated that his RH factor was positive whereas some showed it was negative. The Rhesus Factor is a protein found on the surface of the red blood cells. If it is present, then the blood group is positive, otherwise it is negative.

The RTI was filed by an associate of the aggrieved to the Medical Council of India that rejected the application. Subsequently he filed a petition before the Central Information Commission stating that the blood group report oscillated between B positive and B negative.

The concern arises in cases of emergency when the person might need blood transfusion and his blood type would be unclear. It issue would be of all the way more importance because it pertains to the person’s Right to Life. The same was reiterated by CIC Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad. He has directed the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO)  to transfer the matter to Director, AIIMS, rejecting the MCI’s contention that the matter does not fall wthin the ambit of “information” as per the RTI Act, 2005.

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