Anand Hiralal Dargar

Ranjit Mahanti

A right to information (RTI) reply has revealed something which never happened before at the City Survey office in Mulund. The preservation surveyor officer added builder Anand Hiralal Dargar and his wife Anita Dargar’s name on a property card after got instruction from Deputy Director, Land Record, Konkan region over merely a telephone call.

Kamlesh Yadav, resident of Shripad building, JSD Road, Mulund (West) had complained to several authorities against builder Anand Dargar for his alleged highhandedness and forgery of documents demanding strict action. ABI possesses a copy of this complaint.

According to documents available with ABI accused Anandkumar Hiralal Dargar and his wife Anita runs development company M/S Metro Developers Pvt Ltd having office at C-62, Shriram Apartment, Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Mulund (West). Dargar allegedly forcibly tried to develop land No 664, 664/1 to 9, measuring 538.2 square meters. The actual owner of this land was one Sundarabai Shripad Wagh. On June 23, 1987 Sundarabai died at the age of 84 years. In 1981 Sundarabai had given Power of Attorney of said land to her nephew Seetakant Mahabaleshwar Wagh with registered documents.

Points to be noted

1- One James Samuel claims that he has bought said land on December 3, 1984 from Sundarabai. But another person Anil Bhoir claims that Sundarabai has given power of attorney to him on same date December 3, 1984. Anil Bhoir produced notarized power of attorney.

2- Anil Bhoir gave an affidavit and declaration /confirmation deed (made on June 23, 2011 and June 28, 2011) before secondary assistant registrar, Kurla-1 claiming Sundarabai is alive and her age was 57 years. ABI is in possession of death certificate of Sundarabai that claims she died on June 23, 1987 and her age was 87 years.

3- In real power of attorney Sundarabai has given thumb impression as she was not able make signature but in Bhoir’s power of attorney she has signed. Also Bhoir’s power of attorney was not registered.

4- The stamp paper was not bought on name of Sundarabai. The stamp paper was bought on June 4, 1983 but was used after 1.6 years on December 3, 1984.

5- After Sundarabai died Anil Bhoir’s power of attorney became null and void, but Anand Dargar managed to add name on property card.

Major points to be noted

In 2015, Anand Dargar applied in City Survey office, Mulund to add his name on Sundarabai’s property card but rejected. After that he applied at City Survey office, Bandra to add his name on property card but Bandra office also rejected. Shocking in a report City Survey office, Mulund noted down that Deputy Director, Land Record office, Konkan Pradesh, Mumbai instructed on phone to add Anand Dargar’s name on property card and Mulund office followed same.

On basis of these forged documents Anand Dargar is allegedly forcibly trying to develop the property.

“Mulund police also favouring builder claiming matter is civil nature,” said Gotiram Gauru Patil, one of the complainants.

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