AJAZ Khan, former Big Boss Participant and a so called bollywood actor has been raking one controversy after another over his highly eccentric, sick and pathetic tweets on the Social Media Platform. What is surprising is that Twitter has so far failed to take any kind of action against him.

Ajaz Khan, another pseudo celebrity is taking a very controversial route to become a household name, after KRK (Kamaal R Khan) whose tweets were often considered to be borderline abusive to others, women in particular. Ajaz Khan has taken KRK’s controversial tweeting style a few steps further. His tweets are downright abusive, to women as well as others. His tweets are often politically motivated and have abused the esteemed National Leaders of the country, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Further, many of his tweets are blatantly abusive of women on twitter. His tweets to women are loaded with threats of sexual assaults, and other threatening innuendos. Samples of some of his tweets are as below.

This has been going on for some time now. However, it is very surprising that no action has been taken against him despite multiple complaints against him. The alarming pace at which Mumbai Police otherwise acts against common man for even smallest of infringement is completely missing here. The lackadaisical attitude of Mumbai Police is shocking and raises several questions about the motivations of Mumbai Police.

Interestingly enough, Ajaz Khan tweeted a picture of him with a few people in Police’s Uniform, claiming that he was invited by Mumbai Police to a social function as a Chief Guest. This story, was however immediately questioned my Mumbai Police’s Twitter Handle, who were polite yet dismissive of his tweet, rubbishing his claims that they invited him or they were present at a function. Further, Mumbai Police were immediately active on Twitter, negating other social media posters who had retweeted Ajaz Khan’s tweet and were quick to disassociate themselves from Ajaz Khan. This shows that Mumbai Police were clearly aware of Ajaz Khan and his abusive tweets and hence one can’t help but wonder why no Suo – moto action was taken by Mumbai Police against him.

The Inaction of Mumbai Police, given the open abuses by Ajaz Khan have raised many eyebrows on the social media platforms, and many prominent social media users have accused Mumbai Police of being lenient towards the controversial actor. Only after a lot of prodding and pushing, they finally registered an FIR against the actor. However, the buck seems to have stopped there and no further action seems to be taken against him.

This attitude of Mumbai Police has puzzled many observers. Questions like ‘Why was no action taken against Ajaz Khan earlier?, Is this FIR just an eye wash?, Who is protecting Ajaz Khan? Is it because of his Religion? Or Is someone from the Government instructing Mumbai Police to go slow on Ajaz Khan are doing the rounds. It is high time that Mumbai Commissioner himself looks into this personally and answers some of these questions, or like always, Mumbai Police’s reputation in eyes of the public will take a severe beating. One can only hope and pray that Ajaz Khan is simply threatening the women on twitter of sexual violence and hope that he does not have the mental, physical resources to carry out his threats. It would be a serious and shameful mismanagement my Mumbai Police if that would happen. We can only pray that better sense prevails among seniors in Mumbai Police and they bring this criminal to task before something untoward happens.

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