NAVY SCHOOL HORROR: When asked by Principal 20 students accept Physics teacher Sanjio Landge molested girls in classroom

Sanjio Landge

TWENTY students have accused a teacher from their school at NCH Colony, Bhandup (West) of molesting girls in classroom. Two girl students among them have alleged that the teacher touches them inappropriately. They have also demanded to change their Physics teacher.

The school Kendriya Vidyalaya located at NCH Colony, Bhandup (West), Mumbai-400078 is being run by Indian Navy. The accused teacher has been identified as Sanjio V. Landge. He teaches physics to class 11 and 12.

Last month, on behalf of her 28 classmates a student (having signature of 20 students) complained to the school principal Pramila Pal leveling the allegation against Sanjio Landge. A copy of the complaint is available with ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation). Name of students are held by ABI as they are minors.

The student has alleged that Landge touched them in a manner that made her “uncomfortable”. Also Landge passed indecent comments on them. One of the school student, told ABI ( that Landge calls the girls as “Hariyali” (greenery). If girls’ attendance is less in class Landge comments, “Aaj class me HARIYALI kam hai”. If girls attendance is full he comments, “Aaj class me full HARIYALI hai”.

After the complaint Pramila Pal gave a questionnaire (copy with ABI) having 10 questions about behavior of Landge to all students in the class. All students accepted that Landge makes comments in indecent manner. Two girl students accepted that Landge had touched them inappropriately on the shoulder and chest in class and lobby. Landge also would grab their hand in a manner that made them “uncomfortable”.

The students have requested to change their Physics teacher.

Despite repeated attempts Principal Pramila Pal was not available for comments. School employee replied on phone that ‘Madam round pe hain.’


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Why principal really the matter. It is very serious. Henceforth anything happens who is responsible.

Time has come...

Such people taking advantage of fear of victim. He must punish publicly…


Punish that teacher immdiatly

Please do not believe any shit you read anywhere. Most of the above mentioned incidents did not happened. I am currently studying in the above mentioned school and Sanjio sir is a respected teacher, he does pass comments but only in friendly manner. Its not like he comments only on girls but boys as well (only as a joke) and students, who are mature enough, takes it as a joke. The letter and everything was written by couple of girls and manipulated after the class signed on it. The letter mention that he does not teaches properly and does not… Read more »

Really ? majak me Sanjio sir teri mom and sis ko bhee Hariyali bolte hain kya ?