Daya Gaikwad (left) and Aswini Dhumal (Right)

BJP-NCP nexus leaves rape victim devastated

Krishna Pujari

SOCIAL activist Anjali Damania had accused BJP leader Nitin Gadkari of having understanding with NCP after he allegedly asked her to not follow up irrigation scam. An incident in Kalyan has established the RELATIONSHIP between BJP and NCP too.

A BJP councilor, who allegedly raped a woman, got an unexpected backing from NCP leaders who rushed to his rescue by allegedly forging text message projecting the victim as a blackmailer.
The 27-year-old Priya Jadhav (name changed to protect identity) on September 6, 2017 complained with Commissioner of Police, Thane against politicians Daya Vasant Gaikwad, Ashwini Dhumal and Manoj Dhumal. Copy of the complaint is available with ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation). Daya Gaikwad is BJP councilor from ward no 5, Gauripada, Kalyan (West) and also ex-chairman of Education Committee in KDMC. Ashwini Dhumal is NCP leader and Manoj Dumal is her husband.

According to complaint Priya is resident of Thane (West). On June 4, 2017 she befriended with Daya Gaikwad on social networking site Facebook. Daya Gaikwad forced her to meet him saying both of them belong to the same caste. On June 7, 2017 Daya Gaikwad met Priya in Shahad and took her Ganesh Lodge at Titwala. There he told Priya that he was unmarried and convinced her for marring him as both of them belonged to the same caste. Daya raped Priya first time there. On June 16, 2017 Daya again raped Priya at Shanti Sagar resort Badlapur.

“As Daya is councilor, unmarried and from my caste I thought my future was bright with him. I started meeting him in lodges, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. Several times Daya maintained physical relation with me,” said Priya.

One day Priya called Daya on his mobile phone. A lady received call and told she was Daya’s wife. When Priya asked Daya about his wife he told her that his wife was not maintaining good relation with him and he was about to separate from her. Since then Daya started ignoring Priya’s phone calls. Quarrel started between them.

One day one Ashwini Dhumal befriended with Priya on Facebook. Ashwini told she is big NCP leader in Kalyan and have direct link with party chief Sharad Pawar. On August 22, 2017 Priya met Ashwini at her office at Katemanivali, Kalyan (East). Priya shared Daya Gaikwad’s episode with Ashwini Dhumal. She assured her of help and marriage with Daya. On second day again Ashwini called Priya at her office. Ashwini also called Daya Gaikwad there. Daya asked pardon to her. Daya sought some time to break away from his wife and subsequently marry Priya.

On August 25, 2017 Ashwini Dhumal called Priya at her home for Ganeah Darshan. Ashwini told Priya that on instruction of her Daya is ready to marry with her but she should follow her instruction. “Ashwini Dhumal ne mujhse kaha ki Daya mujhse shadi karne ke liye taiyar hai but wo jaisa kahti hai waisa karna padega.”

On August 26, 2017 Ashwini Dhumal again called Priya at her residence. Ashwini’s husband Manoj told Priya that Daya is beggar (lukhkha). If she demands Rs 10 lakh cash and a flat Daya will not be able to afford and he will subsequently marry her. A little later Daya appeared there. As per Dhumal’s instruction Priya demanded Rs 10 lakh cash and a flat. Ashwini Dhumal snatched Priya’s mobile phone and sent a text message expressing the demand on Daya’s mobile phone. Daya took Priya in Ashiwini’s bedroom to talk something secret. Suddenly Daya’s behavior changed. He told her that he had recorded her voice. If she approached anybody into this matter he will register case of extortion against her. Daya again raped Priya in Ashwini’s bedroom. Priya started weeping. Ashwini and Manoj told Priya that they had also recorded the SEX scene. If she demands anything from Daya they will make the clip viral on YouTube and WhatsApp. They also threatened they will register case of extortion against her parents. Ashwini and Manoj started laughing. They pushed out Priya from her home.

Priya shared incidents with her relatives and decided to teach a lesson to Daya, Ashwini and Manoj Dhumal.

“If police failed to take action on Daya, Ashwini and Manoj I will sit on dharna infront Police Commissioner office as well as BJP and NCP head office in Mumbai,” said Priya.

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