BIHAR Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said that sale of peda has increased by 15.5 percent in Bihar after ban on liquor. Nitish Kumar backed his claim by reeling out figures. The Bihar government had banned sale and consumption of country and spiced liquor in rural areas from April 1 this year, but had allowed sale of IMFL in towns and cities.

Addressing a Chetna Sabha as part of his Nishchay Yatra rally Nitish Kumar said instead of liquor Bihar residents are now going for healthy foods like rasgulla, gulab jamun, milk and peda after shunning liquor.

Nitish Kumar categorically said there would be no compromise with the prohibition. He also appealed women stating as soon as women spot anybody consuming alcohol, all the women of the village get together and dump the person in a de-addiction centre.

The historic move by the Nitish Kumar government imposed a complete ban on sale of any kind of liquor in Bihar, making it the fourth dry state of the country after Nagaland, Manipur and Gujarat, in April, through a notification.

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