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FOLLOW-UP: Ulhasnagar hub of gold and dollar smuggling

ON March 8, 2017 ABI ( published an article under the headline “Ulhasnagar new hub of GOLD and USD smuggling: Bombay High Court orders DGP to initiate high level inquiry”. The Bombay High Court has ordered Director General of Police (DGP), Maharashtra, to initiate a high-level inquiry on a petition by an Ulhasnagar-based youth, Neel Nathani.

According to the petition (copy with ABI), when Neel Nathani (not real name) refused to smuggle gold and US dollars on instructions of the Deepak Suhani gang, an attempt was made to frame him in cases of gold smuggling and drugs, and finally in a RAPE case.

On November 18, 2014, customs officials arrested Kamal Motwani, Kumar Karira, Dheeraj Ahuja and Feroz Mohammed Ibrahim Khan with 3,200 grams of gold at the Mumbai international airport. During interrogation, the accused confessed that they were working for Deepak Suhani. Customs officials later arrested Deepak Suhani too. After his release from jail Deepak Suhani threatened Neel Nathani and told him to pay the Rs 90 lakh that he had lost after his material was seized. On November 29, 2014, Neel registered a non-cognizable (NC) complaint at the Ulhasnagar-1 police station.

On March 21, 2015, Neel’s Cousin Haresh Goswami, who is a member of the Deepak Suhani gang, did something while Neel was seeing a movie at Anil-Ashok multiplex, Ulhasnagar. While Neel was returning home on his motorbike, he lost his balance on a speed-breaker. He fell down. His motorbike’s seat opened up and Rs 500 notes, tobacco, drugs and a knife fell out. Smelling something fishy, Neel threw all the things in a nullah and rushed to the Central police station. Neel returned home with a few policemen. Four goonda-type persons were already present there and a little later police Constable Sunil Gujar, attached to the crime branch, Kalyan, appeared there. Gujar immediately checked Neel’s bike but found nothing. He tried to forcibly take him to the Kalyan crime branch office but the Central police station policemen asked him to follow procedure. Gujar was continually calling Neel to come to Kalyan crime branch office to check his passport. A harassed Neel complained against Gujar to the then Joint Commissioner of Police, V V Laxminarayan. Remember, Sunil Gujar was arrested in November 2015 for allegedly taking Rs 3 lakh “settlement money” from a Kalyan trader after threatening to book him in a false case.

Neel complained (copy with ABI) to several authorities to prove himself innocent and that Deepak Suhani was trying to frame him.

On April 21, 2015, Neel’s cousin Haresh Goswami met him at Dombivali with two girls, Sufiya and Shaheen. Goswami introduced Sufiya as his girlfriend and forced Neel to take Shaheen somewhere to roam around. Shaheen took Neel to Patil guest house, Kongaon. There she forced him for sex but Neel refused. On April 30, 2015, Sufiya took Neel to Classic Hotel, Dombivali, claiming that it was her birthday. There, while having breakfast, Sufiya pressured Neel to take her to Simono Lawn, Dombivali. There too she forced him for sex. On May 3, 2015, the Manpada police arrested Neel on the charge of raping Sufiya.

Sit-ups in Adharwadi jail

While Neel was lodged in Adharwadi jail, Deepak Suhani, Rajesh Bhatia, a cousin of Neel’s, and an unknown person met him. Deepak Suhani forced Neel to do sit-ups in jail. Deepak Suhani demanded Rs 1.2 crore from Neel to set him free-Rs 90 lakh for lost of gold and Rs 12 lakh that was paid as a bribe to the police to frame him in a rape case.

“Deepak ne jail me mujhe kaan pakad kar uthak-baithak karwaya. Mera peechha chhodne ke liye usne mujhse Rs 1.2 crore ke damand ki. Bataya ki 90 lakh rupaye jo custom ne maal pakda tha aur Rs 12 lakh police ko diya mujhe rape case me fansane ke liye,” said Neel.

After spending 83 days in jail Neel got bail. Since then he is trying to expose the Deepak Suhani gang. Neel has sufficient proof to prove that he was framed in the rape case. He complained to several authorities and met top police officials but nothing happened. Even then DCP Sanjay Jadhav and ACP protected Deepak Suhani gang. Finally he filed a petition in the Bombay High Court and demanded an inquiry into the whole matter. The matter is being investigated.



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