THE Supreme Court of India has cautioned a man that he will be liable for punishment for contempt if he files yet another petition similar to 16 petitions he filed before Allahabad High Court.

The Allahabad High Court had imposed cost of Rs.5 lakh on Ummed Ali Tyagi for abusing the process of the court by filing petitions repeatedly on the same subject. The pleas he filed were regarding the charges against him while he was working in a bank and also with regard to payment of salary due to him.

The high court, dismissing his plea, had observed that he must pay exceptional costs for loss of valuable time of this court and for repeatedly abusing of process of the writ court with impunity. The judgment of high court had also given the details of writ petitions he had filed earlier. The Supreme Court, on his appeal, waived the cost imposed, recording his solemn statement that he will not file any writ petition on the same subject or similar subject either in the Allahabad High Court or in any other high court.

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