Ulhasnagar’s gold smuggler Deepak Suhani goes underground after arrest of two punters at Pune airport with Rs 1.3 crore foreign currency


THE arrest of two foreign currency couriers at Pune airport, considered the “big daddy” of gold and foreign currency smugglers in the country, and subsequent raids in Mumbai and Ulhasnagar have prompted gold smuggler Deepak Suhani, Pradeep Ahuja, Bittu Harchandani and his punters to go underground.

“Deepak Suhani and his punters have gone to undisclosed destinations after arrest of two gang members at Pune airport,” said a Suhani gang member.

According to Commissioner of Customs and Central Excise, M V S Choudhari, on August 6, 2017 two passengers – Nishant Vijay Yetam and Harsha Ranglani Raju- were going to Dubai via Air India flight IX211. They were interrupted on Lohegaon Airport in Pune and seized notes, comprising US$ 1, 72,800 and 30,000 Euros (worth Rs 1, 30, 78,695), were cleverly concealed inside casseroles and covered with UPMA to mislead customs officials. Nishant is resident of Nagothane, Raigad and Harsha is resident of Chembur in Mumbai.

Arti Arya

During interrogation Nishant and Harsha confessed that they were working for Pradeep Ahuja alias Lara a resident of Ulhasnagar. Pradeep Ahuja and Bittu Harchandani is managers of Deepak Suhani. Pune customs officers raided Pradeep Ahuja’s house in Ulhasnagar and Harsha’s house in Chembur. Deepak Suhani, Pradeep Ahuja, Bittu Harchandani and his around 45 punters gets underground. Officers found six bar dancers in house of Harsha.

Interestingly Suhani hired five lawyers (three from Pune, two from Ulhasnagar) to get bail of Nishant and Harsha but Chief Judicial Magistrate remanded them judicial custody for 14 days. Pradeep Ahuja also sent an agent (settler) to settle the matter but customs officers also took him in custody. He was trying to bribe stating, “kuchh le de kar matter khatam karo.” A custom officer slapped him and is continuing interrogating him.

Remember this is a big syndicate of gold and foreign currency smuggling being run from Ulhasnagar. Deepak Suhani is the boss. On time to time his men have been arrested on several airports of country. Once Deepak Suhani was also arrested. Pradeep Ahuja’s mother Meena Ahuja was recently arrested at Delhi airport for trying to smuggle gold. Bittu Harchandani’s father Choithram Harchandani run hawala racket. He has been arrested twice at Mumbai airport. Deepak Suhani gang member Arti Arya (resident of Punjabi Colony, Ulhasnagar) on August 2, 2017 was under observation by customs officials but she succeeds to fly.

ABI (Akela Bureau Of Investigation) is continuing exposing Deepak Suhani gang. ABI (abinet.org) published recently gang member’s name. Deepak Suhani hired unknown persons through Pradeep Ahuja like Nishant and Harsha for smuggling gold and foreign currencies but caught. Customs officer also have identified to travel agents that books ticket for Deepak Suhani gang.

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Nobody has right to put any ladies photo in any mattter .they should also have their sister and mother in thier home . No body has right to spoil the image of any lady publicy like this. They should be ashamed of doing such things


Ashamed of such sindhi people


Such people should be sent behind the bar which is their right place.


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