FOLLOWUP: the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) at Mumbai airport had arrested three persons for smuggling foreign currency worth Rs 69 lakh in their rectums. The accused have been identified as members of Ulhasnagar based Deepak Suhani gang.

According to sources arrested accused are Ayushi Bhupat Jain (18), Avi Deepak Kachhwani (20) and Kamal Tekchand Motwani (38). The accused are residents of Ulhasnagar. They were leaving for Dubai when they were intercepted. The officials recovered 85,000 Euros, 7100 US dollars and 905 United Arab Emirates Dirham, collectively worth Rs 68.64 lakh. The accused had rolled the foreign currency and inserted it up their rectums.

ABI’s news comes true
Kamal Motwani is the mastermind. On May 21, 2017 ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) had published an article under headline,” Ulhasnagar’s GOLD smuggling Deepak Suhani gang also smuggle foreign CURRENCIES Dollar and Euro.” In said news ABI had published few names of Deepak Suhani gangs’ members. Kamal Motwani was one of them. ABI’s news that Deepak Suhani gang also smuggles foreign currencies as well as gold comes true. Foreign currency worth 30 lakh had been smuggled by Kamal in the past as revealed by Kamal to AIU officials.

Deepak Suhani goes under ground
On August 11, 2017 ABI ( published an article under headline, “Ulhasnagar’s gold smuggler Deepak Suhani goes underground after arrest of two punters at Pune airport with Rs 1.3 crore foreign currency.
On August 6, 2017 Nishant Vijay Yetam and Harsha Ranglani Raju were going to Dubai via Air India flight IX211. They were interrupted at Lohegaon Airport in Pune and seized notes, comprising US$ 1,72,800 and 30,000 Euros (worth Rs 1, 30, 78,695), that were cleverly concealed inside casseroles and covered with UPMA to mislead customs officials. Nishant is resident of Nagothane, Raigad and Harsha is resident of Chembur in Mumbai. After arrest of these two Deepak Suhani, Pradeep Ahuja, Bittu Harchandani and his punters were to go underground.
After arrest of three accused on Mumbai airport, Deepak Suhani again went underground. His mobile phone was continuosly switched off. Suhani is resident of Shiv Valley Apartment, Godrej Hill, Kalyan (West). His building residents say that he has not been seen since a long time.

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