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KANGANA Ranaut who won the Filmfare Award in her debut film Gangster is currently one of the sought after actress in the industry. Thought her last release ‘Rangoon’ turned out to be a huge disaster but that doesn’t effects the confidence of  this charming lady. The supremely confident and devastatingly gorgeous actress spoke to us on various topic during this interview.

Tell us in brief about your journey in the industry, from your debut film ‘Gangster’ to playing ‘Simran’ in your latest movie?

My debut film ‘Gangster’ was an important film in my life. My life changed completely after that film. I was a common girl before but then a magic moment happened and everything changed forever. In Simran, that magic moment is yet to happen with her. Except for that part, she is not very different from me. She has the same dreams and ambitions. My character name in the film is Praful Patel, but how she becomes Simran is what you will get to know after watching the film.

You have done so many successful films in your career so far and achieved so much of success on your own. In spite of all that, do you still feel an outsider in the industry?

There is nothing like that. I am very much part of the film industry. I am called the leading face of Indian cinema. I have done very significant work here. I have given three National Film Awards to the Hindi film industry. Many of my films have broken several box office records. They have achieved success and appreciation at different platforms. Then how can I be an outsider? I am somebody who is an integral part of the industry so far. Let’s see what happens in future.

No doubt you have tasted a lot of success in last few years, but how did you handle the failure of your last release, Rangoon? Were you upset and disappointed as it was a big film for you?

Yes. I learned a lot from the failure of Rangoon. I had expected a lot from the film, but its failure did disturb me. It was kind of a reality check for me. When I left my home to pursue my dreams, I had certain dreams and ambitions which I wanted to achieve. I think I have achieved more than what I had initially dreamt of. Because of that, I had started expecting more from myself. But then I realized that it’s not right. The more I am achieving, the more I am expecting from myself. If that continues, it will become a vicious cycle.

Now, I feel a sense of freedom. I have built a beautiful house in Manali. I am not worried about the success and failure of my films. Whatever I achieve in my life from now onward is an added bonus. I am always going to be remembered as the leading face of Indian cinema. After this nothing matters.


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