A woman visiting a posh restaurant in Pune spotted a camera hidden in the washroom recording her.

The incident took place on November 3 at the cafe called Cafe BeHive, located in the Hinjawadi area of Pune.

Sharing the image of the hidden camera on the social media, she wrote, “So we went to this place called BeHive Cafe in Pune. We found a camera fitted inside a women’s washroom. On addressing this issue to management, they asked us to wait outside and the camera was gone within 10 minutes.”

She added, “Complaining to management was of no use it seems because excellent staff there kept on making excuses about finding culprit and the phone camera but no efforts were made. On being repeatedly asked and ruckus been made in the cafe, the manager tried to bribe us by saying, ‘What do you guys want?’ The phone and the culprit dammit! Excellent support Behiveindia.”

She also wrote that when she confronted the management about the phone camera, they removed it within 10 minutes.

“This is what we deserve in respect of safety and privacy in the washroom at least. Now even such huge cafes are not safe and women inside the washrooms are being recorded. Being a girl, I will always be afraid of using public space washroom and check 100 times for any such thing.”

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