Sr PI Amar Desai

Ranjit Mahanti

ON December 17, 2019 ABI ( had published an article under the headline, ‘Government of India Man’ runs an Illegal Dance Bar in Navi Mumbai; claims DySP is his partner in crime.” The real owner of Bela Bar has now come forward. Sanjay Metkari has claimed that he is indeed the actual owner of the bar and has validated ABI’s investigation in this matter. He has also complained against Madan Ballal, Amar Desai and Kiran Shah.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP) Madan Ballal is currently posted at Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB), Thane. Senior Inspector Amar Desai was earlier posted at Turbhe police station and is presently posted with EOW, Navi Mumbai. A small-time police informer Kiran Shah, a resident of Kalwa, Thane, is notorious for running Bela Bar in Turbhe and Laila Bar in Kongaon, Bhiwandi, Thane district.

After reading the news published on ABI website ( on January 10, 2020, Sanjay Metkari filed a complaint (copy with ABI) to several authorities including ACB and demanded that strict and appropriate action be taken against Madan Ballal, Amar Desai and Kiran Shah.

DySP Madan Ballal and Kiran Shah

According to the complaint, Metkari is the real owner of the Bela Bar (Sapphire bar and restaurant) situated at MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai falling under jurisdiction of Turbhe police station. Kiran Shah conspired with Madan Ballal, Amar Desai and others and usurped the bar. Metkari has unwittingly fallen into this conspiracy and has become a victim in this matter.

‘ABI news is absolutely correct. Madan Ballal is a partner in Kiran Shah’s illegal establishments and being a Senior Inspector of Turbhe police station, Amar Desai took huge bribe and helped Kiran Shah and tortured me,” said Sanjay Metkari.

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