Palak Sadhwani (L) and her mother in law Jaya Sadhwani (R)

JAYA Sadhwani, once a very powerful and influential LADY in Ulhasnagar has recently had a triple whammy of seeing her political and social career taking a nosedive and her personal reputation in tatters. In a shocking and horrific turn of events, her daughter – in – law Palak Sadhwani has made some serious and stunning allegations on Jaya Sadhwani. Palak Sadhwani has alleged that Jaya Sadhwani has kicked her from house after Palak refused to SLEEP with influential people like IAS, IPS, ministers, and leaders to further Jaya Sadhwani’s political career and ambitions.

Palak Sadhwani has complained to several prominent authorities like Prime Minister (PM), Chief Minister (CM), National Commission for Women (NCW), Maharashtra Commission for Women (MCW) All India Congress Committee (AICC), Mumbai Regional Congress Committee (MRCC), Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC), Director General of Police (DGP), Titwala police station and many other organisations. The copy of the complaints is available with ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation). 

According to the complaint, Jaya Sadhwani married off her son Vishal Sadhwani with Palak, FORCIBLY around 14 years back. Interestingly, the then Commissioner of Police of Thane district, Surendra Mohan Shangari had personally intervened and courted Palak on behalf of Jaya Sadhwani, highlighting how influential and powerful Jaya Sadhwani was and that Palak was lucky that Jaya Sadhwani fund her eligible and suitable to be her daughter – in – law. 

As per the complaint, immediately after the marriage, Jaya Sadhwani started showing her true COLOURS. Palak alleges that she observed Jaya Sadhwani always using filthy and abusive language in her phone conversations as well as personal interactions, with both men as well as women. Palak was shocked to hear the kind of CHEAP language her mother – in – law was using. Palak recalls that Jaya Sadhwani mentioned several times to her as well as other people that she was a Lady Don of Ulhasnagar city and no one dared to disobey or flout her orders. 

However, this was just the start of Palak’s systematic and shocking abuse at the hands of Jaya Sadhwani. One day, Surendra Mohan Shangari visited their house, and Jaya Sadhwani instructed and forced Palak to provide him with physical pleasure. Shocked at the proposal, Palak refused to do it. However, since that refusal, Palak’s life was a chain of misery and abuse. Jaya Sadhwani started torturing, abusing and beating Palak, inflicting both physical as well as mental torture. Shangari, the then Commissioner, often visited Sadhwani’s house in Ulhasnagar, and Palak was threatened and abused at every such visit. There was one shocking instance when Jaya Sadhwani went as far as threatening Palak with a gun, threatening to kill her if she did not follow her instructions or sleep with Shangari. At other times, Jaya Sadhwani also hit her with sandals and footwear. 

As per the complaint, Jaya Sadhwani wanted her daughter –in-law Palak to accompany her to places like Delhi, Nagpur (during assembly sessions), Mantralaya, Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Dombivali and Ulhasnagar Municipal corporation (UMC). Sadhwani wanted Palak to accompany her to these trips and sleep with people Sadhwani introduced her to. These people comprised of political leaders, ministers, IAS and IPS Officers, who Jaya Sadhwani believed would further her political career and aspirations.

Jaya Sadhwani also went one step ahead and tortured, harassed and abused Palak’s mother Vandana Dodwani, who was a WIDOW and came from a modest, humble background. Jaya Sadhwani forcefully picked up Vandana Dodwani in her car several times and took her to Titwala where she threatened Vandana with a gun and abused and traumatised her. Jaya Sadhwani said “Your daughter does not listen to me, you must tell her to do exactly as I say. Otherwise, I am a very dangerous lady. Everyone knows that I am also behind Gopal Rajwani’s murder. But no one has dared touch me yet. Just like him, I can make you and your daughter and your family disappear or killed. I will prove that your daughter is mad and kick her out of the house. I have also made a fake certificate proving that she is mad. Now just see what all I can do with her and you. I selected her from a family of beggars for marriage to my son so that I could make your daughter do whatever I wanted. But your daughter refuses to listen to me. I have just taken Rs. 51 as dowry from you. But now that your daughter does not listen to me, you have to pay me Rs. 51 Lakhs”. 

As per the complaint, off late, Jaya Sadhwani’s demands have increased drastically in the last few months, as assembly polls were round the corner. Jaya Sadhwani often said that this election of 2019 was her last chance in her political career and she felt that she had an excellent opportunity to get a ticket from Congress or BJP Party and become an MLA and if things went well, a minister. Therefore she wanted an election ticket at ANY COST. 

On Palak’s constant and firm refusals, an angry Jaya Sadhwani, her son Vishal Sadhwani and her husband Mohan Sadhwani hit, abused and beat up Palak mercilessly, tore her clothes and snatched her mobile phone and kicked her out of the house. 

‘Jaya Sadhwani ne mujhe aur meri maan ko galat kaam karwane ke liye jitna torture/insult kiya hai main chahti hoon kanoon uske upar action le. Main Jaya Sadhwani ko jail mein dekhna chahti hoon,” said Palak. 

NOTE: As per codes and ethos of Journalism, one must always provide THE OTHER SIDE a chance to give their version of the story and the same should also be published. The ABI is aware of this but is choosing to deliberately desist from approaching Jaya Sadhwani, because she has a tendency to misuse her power and influence to register a fake police complaint against the Journalist.

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