Sushil Shukla

IN an incident that is both shocking and a bit bizarre a DEAF and MUTE person Sachin Prahlad More has complained to the police that he was abused by his LANDLORD Sushil Kripashankar Shukla. Not only this Sachin More also alleged that Shukla threatened him with dire consequences, pointing a gun at him. Interestingly Shukla has obtained only a gun license so far, and not the weapon.

According to the complaint, More is a resident of Shukla building, Kolsewadi, Kalyan (East). Sushil Shukla is resident of nearby Shukla Sadan. Shukla building and Shukla Sadan are owned by Sushil Shukla.

Last week Sachin More complained at Kolsewadi police station that Shukla verbally abused him and threatened him with dire consequences and pointed a gun at him.In his application however, More has himself accepted that he is 75 percent disabled (deaf and mute) person by body. This raises a very pertinent question that if he is deaf how could he have heard and listened to the abuse?

One more thing, recently Shukla obtained a gun license from police department. He has not purchased weapon yet. Then how did he point a gun at More?

Speaking to ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) Shukla furnished his version of the events that have unfolded against him. Shukla said that he has more than 130 tenants. Sachin More is one of them. Shukla wants to develop the land. Instead of giving consent, a few tenants have started harassing and making baseless allegations against him and are filing frivolous and false complaints on him in bid to pressurise him to not go ahead with his plans of developing the land.

Shukla further alleged that former MNS corporator Nitin Nikam who is residing in the same locality is mastermind behind all of this attempts to malign and harass him. Nikam is trying to extort money and blackmailing Shukla. Nikam misguides tenants and provides them with ideas as to how to harass Shukla? More is also acting on behest of Nikam.

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