ASI Anwar Baban Shaikh

Krishna Pujari

AN assistant sub inspector (ASI) attached to Kashimira police station in Thane made his girlfriend pregnant. When she tried to register a rape FIR he forcibly performed Nikah with her. Not only this later the ASI approached underworld men to settle the dispute.

The ASI identified as Anwar Baban Shaikh and victim is Shilpa Giri (name changed to protect identity). The 28-years-old Shilpa is a resident of Kashimira in Mira Road, Thane. Few years back her family was in news due to killing of her father.

Five months ago Shilpa had visited Kashimira police station in connection with a case. Anwar was investigation officer in that case. He left the case behind and started impressing Shilpa. He introduced himself as encounter king. He claimed he have killed 27 dangerous gangsters in encounters. In an attempt to impress her Anwar claimed that encounter specialists like Pradeep Sharma and Daya Nayak are Pani-Kam-Chai infront of him. He also claimed he was unmarried.

When Shilpa questioned why he did not marry though he is 49 Anwar replied that he failed to search beautiful girl like her.

“Anwar ne mujhse kaha ki use ab tak mere jaisi sundar ladki nahin mili isliye shaadi nahi ki. Anwar kahta ki main actress Madhubala jaisi dikhti hoon,” said Shilpa.

In a few meetings Anwar succeeded to impress Shilpa. Last month Shilpa realised that she was pregnant. Anwar started forcing her to abort the child but Shilpa refused. On several occasion he tortured her to abort the child. One day he forced Shilpa to check if she was really pregnant. She approached a doctor in Thakur village, Kandivali where she was double shocked. She found that she was carrying twins. When Anwar heard about twins, he got furious and started torturing her.

Fed up Shilpa approached Kashimira police station to register FIR against Anwar where she was suggested to settle the dispute outside police station as it was family matter. To protect being arrested for rape Anwar forcibly performed Nikah with Shilpa last week.

After marriage Anwar disclosed that why he performed marriage with Shilpa. He said to Shilpa, “ab main tumhe kanoon ke dande se maroonga. Ab tum meri biwi ho gayi ho. Legally ab rape ka FIR nahin kar sakti.”

Fourth marriage
There was one more shocking matter for Shilpa. She came to know that Anwar was already married and not only one but four times. Shilpa was his third wife. Fourth wife is a police constable. Perhaps she will approach police soon. His first wife lives in Ulhasnagar.

However, Shilpa approached criminal lawyer Deepak Mishra in Kalyan and few politicians. According to Shilpa few men called her requesting to pardon Anwar. The callers are well connected with global terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

“I will soon approach higher police authorities and court. I suspect Anwar is involve in Love Jihad. I want to see him cooling heel in jail,” said Deepak Mishra.

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5 years ago

Very nice story

Mohan Krishnan
5 years ago

Pursue till logica lend so also bring it to the notice of Mumbai High Court by way of Criminal Writ

5 years ago

Seems like the girl was just a dumbfuck to fallbfor his shit.. And how can she lodge a rape complaint if the sex was concensual to begin with.. Why o why ppl just don’t use brains.. Further more u married the cunt..bhow can some one force u.. Was he holding a gun to your head?? Something doesn’t stand right with this story. Too many loopholes

5 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Aise insaan ko toh jaldi se punishment milni chahiye,he should snd to jail.atleast dusri ladkiyo ki life save hogi.jiss ladki pe biti ha usko hi dard ka ehsaas hota ha.shilpa we r wid u