Rakesh Panigrahi

BACHPAN Bachao Andolan (BBA) in collaboration with the Maharashtra Legal Service Authority (MLSA), Maharashtra Labour Department, Kailsash Satyarthi Children’s Foundation (KSCF) and Capgemini today launched a month long campaign against trafficking of children at CSTM, Mumbai, today.

The campaign was inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice S.C. Dharamadhikari in the presence of Dr. Mahendra Kalyankar (IAS) commissioner of Labour, Mr. Shrikant D. Kulkarni Member Secretary of MSLSA Mumbai, Yogesh Dubey Ex-member of NCPCR and Mr.Samir Mathur CEO of BBA.

Shrikant Kulkarni made a appeal to all the people, social workers, social organization to come together and fight against child trafficking, child labour, child sexual abuse and other form of exploitation of children in the society.

The main aim of campaign is to spreading mass awareness towards child trafficking by Mukti Carvan led by survivors of child labour and trafficking and dedicated efforts by the Maharashtra government to identify , raid and rescue child labourers from around the city.

“ BBA is on the wheel to spreading awareness and sharing information in a creative way like Street plays, music and theater, etc. Through this campaign activist is also getting complain through several communities about child labour, child trafficking or any kind of exploitation and we are trying to help/ rescue them.” Sameer Mathur CEO of BBA.

“I am very glad to have this scenario that this campaign BBA’s “Mukti Caravan” started in 1980 by Kailsah Satyarthi and after a 39 year I see the dream is not dream now it became a true. This is true that there is so many child exploitation cases still reporting in like city Mumbai as well around the State and the nos are increasing day by day. So we need awareness in the society towards the child exploitation and stop it.” Yogesh Dubey Ex-member of NCPCR

Through this campaign, a few former child labour victims such as Arbind, Akhilesh, Shariful, Chotu, Anil and Nirmal, will strive to educate the people about the child trafficking.

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