Rear Admiral Sanjeev Kale (

Ranjit Mahanti

INDIAN Navy’s Western Command has been plagued with allegations of blatant corruption, particularly in the administrative departments off late. One such stunning case has come to light recently.

Indian Navy had issued certain Work Orders to Walchandnagar (Walchandnagar Industries Limited, Walchand House, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune – 411038) on September 7, 2016 to carry out certain repairs and reconditioning of Gear Box couplings on INS Brahmaputra (copy of work order with ABI). The order’s number was DYT / Gesh / 16-17 / 106 (b) / Fla / Btri-gear box / 092/0903 dated September 7, 2016.

DGM (Commercial) Captain Bhupesh Anuja (

Walchandnagar Industries had given an invoice of Rs, 15,22, 850 of which Service Cost was Rs 13,30,000. The invoice number was 1101023863. There was no date on the invoice (copy of work order with ABI). Walchandnagar Industries had also provided Indian Navy a Chartered Accountant (CA) certified document. That document state that the invoice for Rs 15,22,850 was issued on May 9, 2016.

This begs a serious question. If the work order issued by Navy was dated September 7, then how was the invoice for the same work order raised full four months in advance. Was this pre planned? Or does the Naval Administration and Walchandnagar Industries colluding? This just proves that this matter is nothing but sheer corruption which needs to be thoroughly investigated and that all the guilty persons be bought to justice. It seems that no actual work was carried out and that the invoice was a fake, based on which a fake work order was issued to benefit private companies. The whole process of acquiring tenders seems to have been ignored. Or perhaps, by some black magic, Walchandnagar Industries found out the exact nature of work that Navy would need in the future and that the contract would be awarded to them only and hence they have generated this invoice even before the Work Order was issued.

This Invoice was cleared by DGM (Commercial) Captain Bhupesh Anuja, under pressure of his superior, Rear Admiral Sanjeev Kale, who was holding the post of ASD(MB) at that time. DGM (Commercial) Anuja has passed many such fraudulent bills under pressure from Sanjeev Kale. Sanjeev Kale used to exert pressure on Captain Bhupesh Anuja through GM HR and AGM HR, Mr Shirish Dube. PCDA Officials have taken a commission of 2%, which is their standard rate to pass the bills. It must be noted that naval command has received serious complaints about Sanjeev Kale in the past as well. He has a notorious reputation of bending and breaking the laws for personal benefits. Yet no concrete action has been taken against him.

ABI first stumbled upon these documents on 18th February 2018 and informed the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and CVC about this glaring irregularities on 23rd Feb 2018. The PM’s Office has referred the matter to The Secretary, at Department on Defence on 1st March 2018.

The Military of any country is the line of defence against foreign enemies and hence should be above suspicion. However when Indian Naval Officers commit such blatant acts of corruption, stringent action must be taken against them, so that the faith of common man in Indian Navy’s prowess is not affected.

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Rajesh Rai
Rajesh Rai
4 years ago

take serious action against corrupt navy officers. It was doubted in the past & there is more if audited.

4 years ago

My dear frnds, pls ignore the news by AIB…. 1.They are lowest IQ chap….just because they have told that Navy Officer is corrupt doesnt mean it is truth….AIB has history of these kind of posting of news…. 2. It is planned and somebody is making false allegations against Admiral bcoz he stopped and audited lots of financial documents and wrong stuff leading to the disappointment of lots of people bcoz after that they cant enjoy their office time comfortable also need to work in office….these Defence Civilian employees therefore started alleging Admiral for whatever they can find out……And these AIB… Read more »

4 years ago
Reply to  Sanjay

It is a perfect hit job to scuttle promotion chances of Adm Kale. It is also insider (s) feeding all kind of contrived information to this site. Just that there are two vacancies for next promotion and four contenders and that is the problem not this trash published as perceived fake order.

As the promotion time comes closer such nonsense claims and counter claims are likely to increase. None needs to take any note of such sheer nonsense.

Cdr Gautam Prasad
Cdr Gautam Prasad
4 years ago
Reply to  Harshad

Adm Lale is an astute upright officer who has served the Nzvy well. All that is being published by ABI smacks of a conspiracy to scuttle his promotion to the rank of Vice Admiral. This is a canard and lie being purported at the behest of possibly an unworthy competitor. Also ABI had a poor reputation and in all fairness such publications should not be viewed seriously.