BEING involved controversies and irregularities are pet peeves of Kalani family. First, an absconding matka den operator Sandeep Gaikwad was seen with Omie Kalani in a function. Second, Omie’s gang members were caught in cricket betting racket and third, now Maharashtra Flying Squad of State Excise Department raided Master Wines shop owned by Kannu Kalani and Pradeep Kalani.

On July 13, 2019 Maharashtra Flying Squad of State Excise Department raided Master Wines shop situated at Venus Chowk, Ulhasnagar-4, Thane. The officers found several blatant illegalities in it.

Master Wines shop is being run by Kamal C. Nagdev but license (ownership) is in the name of Kanhaiya alias Kannu Kalani and Pradeep Kalani. The factory Master Distilleries Private Limited is situated at Khopoli in Raigarh district. So Master Wines shop has factory license in it’s name with which it operates the establishment.

Sources said the Master Wines has three doors and one godown. The illegal liquor was seized from godown just located at the back side of the shop. As per rules the wine shops should have only one (front) door but Master Wines has three doors. The shop also has a godown just behind the shop which is illegal. The excise officials have raided and sealed the godown.

Omie Kalani is proposed MLA from Ulhasnagar city and son of criminal turned politician Pappu Kalani. An absconding matka den conductor Sandeep Gaikwad attended function organised by Omie Kalani for pre-election announcement last week. Omie’s four colleagues were also arrested last month while betting on cricket match at Kalyan.

On behalf of Kannu Kalani, Kamal Nagdev violates all rules and regulations. Nagdev says no one -even excise officer or police officer-has dared to touch him as Kannu Kalani is his godfather. “Kannu Kalani is Country King of Tango brand. Current raid was for formalities only and Kannu Kalani is able to settle the excise officers,” claims Nagdev. He also claims that all government officials as well as police run at the mercy of Kalani and none of them have guts to take any kind of action against Kalani.

Sources said on several occasions- during renewal of liquor licence-Kamal Nagdev signs in collector office posing as Kannu Kalani. But then dynamic collector Ashwini Joshi has smelt something fishy and made a rule that license owner should be himself present in collector office on time of renewal.

Sources also revealed that Kamal Nagdev is follower of saint Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj. Sudhanshu Maharaj has an ashram (plot) in Ulhasnagar- 4. Till few months back Nagdev was using ashram premises to mix (refilling) liquor smuggled from Daman Diu. His man Raju was performing this act on Kamal Nagdev’s behest. Earlier Nagdev had deployed a man Barku for this job.

Speaking to ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) an officer from State Excise Department confirmed about raid on Master Wines. “We have seized illegal wines and submitted chargesheet with district collector for further action,” he said.

“I have heard about raid on Master Wines shop. The shop’s license should be cancelled by concerned department,” said Kamal Bathija, who is fighting against gundagardi of Kalani family.

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