JAYA Sadhwani, Congress party’s leader from Ulhasnagar has been in the news of late for torturing, harassing and assaulting her daughter-in- law Palak Sadhwani and Palak’s mother Vandana Dodwani. The quantum of harassment that Jaya   Sadhwani has meted out on her daughter-in-law is shocking and if described in words, it could easily fill a book. Therefore, to do justice to it in 250-300 words of a news article is hard. One aspect of Jaya Sadhwani’s hostility towards her daughter-in-law Palak Sadhwani, due to which she threatened, assaulted and abused her incessantly, was because of the fact that Jaya Sadhwani wanted Palak Sadhwani to become more like her.

Tired and sick of abuse from her in-laws, Palak Sadhwani has complained against Jaya Sadhwani, her father-in- law Mohan Sadhwani and husband Vishal Sadhwani. The complaints have been sent to the Chief Minister, Director General of Police, Superintendent of Police, National Commission For Women, Maharashtra State Commission For Women, Titwala Police Station, All India Congress Committee, Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee and Mumbai Pradesh Congress Committee. The copy of the complaint is available with ABI.

As per the complaint, Jaya Sadhwani wanted to maintain her political status and power, position and fear that she commanded due to her political stature. Therefore, to maintain her political hold, she used to torture and try to force her daughter- in-law Palak Sadhwani to provide sexual services to influential IAS, IPS officers as well as ministers and political leaders. However, Palak Sadhwani refused to toe the line.

Palak’s complaint states that when force and assault did not work, Jaya Sadhwani tried to coax and persuade Palak to provide sexual services to the influential people. The complaint states that Jaya Sadhwani used to tell Palak that she herself was an ordinary clerk at a school in her old days. Yet, at present she is a feared and lady Don in Ulhasnagar. She is a Millionaire, and is considered to be dangerous. Jaya Sadhwani told Palak that she did not achieve this position just by hard work or honesty. She had to COMPROMISE a lot and sell her soul. She used to tell Palak that she wants Palak to take over her political legacy. Jaya said that she would be a MLA someday and then a Minister as well. She wanted Palak to play an important role in maintaining Jaya Sadhwani’s career and maintain her political stature. Jaya further used to tell Palak that her husband Vishal was a useless, good for nothing fellow, who was a drunkard and wasted money betting on cricket matches. She also said that Jaya’s own husband Mohan was ever worse and used to sit around the house like a servant. Therefore, in such a circumstances, Jaya told Palak that she was the one who should take her political legacy forward. In this male dominated society, a woman must use all means available, including using her body, to handle men and if needed maintain sexual relations with them. Jaya Sadhwani used to tell Palak that an owner of a construction company in Ulhasnagar used to supply a local lady corporator to Commissioner of Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation to get his work done. She used to always give examples of how many people attained success by supplying women as a favour. She used to say that there is nothing wrong in it and that one must always be ready to trade her body for getting work done. She used to tell Palak Sadhwani that she was selected to be her daughter-in-law because she was very beautiful and that is why she accepted only Rs 51 as dowry from her mother.

When Palak was not influenced by Jaya Sadhwani’s sweet talk as well, Jaya upped the ante and started harassing and torturing Palak even more. She even tortured Palak’s mother Vandana Dodwani. She has kicked Palak Sadhwani out her house thrice before. On one occasion, she was kicked out of her house at 12.30 in the night in just her night gown, during last Navratri.

Palak Sadhwani says that she has no interest whatsoever in becoming the NEXT Jaya Sadhwani. There is a very ugly, nauseating and dangerous face to Jaya Sadhwani and she cannot relate to her. Jaya Sadhwani is a black mark and cannot be called a woman. I pray that god does not give any other woman a Mother-In-Law as bad as Jaya Sadhwani. I pray that Jaya Sadhwani has to pay for inflicting unimaginable torture on me and my widowed mother.

Note: The Journalism code says that a Prudent Journalist should hear and print both sides of the stories. However, in the case of Jaya Sadhwani, that is just not possible. Jaya Sadhwani has a history of filing false and frivolous complaints against Journalists who print news stories against her. Therefore, this reporter has refrained from hearing her side of the story, to avoid being implicated in false cases.

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