Anil Tiwari and Manoj Tiwari

IN an epic Jeeja-Saala battle new information has now come forward. Avdesh Mishra has complained against his brother in law of selling pirated Microsoft Windows Licences to corporates in Mumbai. Now even more shocking details have come to light. It has been alleged that Anil Tiwari, the owner of Techigent Technologies Pvt. Ltd also uses an Education Society to cheat and defraud revenue authorities. It has come to light that Anil Tiwari routinely uses Shree Rahul Education Society, that belongs to Lallan Tiwari. Anil Tiwari takes purchase orders from Lallan Tiwari’s Educational institutes for Laptops, Desktops and Computers and then sells them in the open market.

As per the complaint Anil Tiwari purchases Laptops, Desktops and Computers on purchase orders from Shree Rahul Education Society as he enjoys good relations with Rahul Tiwari, the Secretary of Society. Anil Tiwari then sells the equipment purchased in the open market and makes huge money by defrauding GST and other revenues by using tax arbitrage.

Shree Rahul Education Society comprises of 52 institutions, spread across Thane and Palghar districts of Maharashtra and Chandauli district of Uttar Pradesh. It has its corporate office at Navghar Road, Bhayandar (E), Thane district. Lallan Tiwari is the Chairman of Shree Rahul Education Society and has been rewarded as ‘Siksha Maharshi’ in educational field. But unwittingly, he has been used by Anil Tiwari for earning dubious profits.

Being asked for his version, Lallan Tiwari replied with a gentle comment – “Repected sir we are not aware of this type of dealings and we don’t encourage such people. Please deal with him as you feel ok.”

On January 3, 2020, Avdhesh Mishra has complained (copy available with ABI) against Anil Tiwari, Sunita Tiwari, Manoj Tiwari, Pravin Tiwari and Kavita Pandey-directors, COO and Co-ordinator of the company Techigent Technologies Private Limited – having their office at V-Mall, Thakur Complex, Kandivali (East), Mumbai. Avdhesh Mishra happens to be a brother-in-law (Jeeja) of Anil Tiwari and also an ex-employee of the company. According to complaint Anil Tiwari smuggles pirated version of Microsoft Windows-10 License from USA and China and sells it to top corporate’s companies across Mumbai. Besides corporate companies their clients are – MGM Medical College, Thakur Ram Narayan College, Siddharth College, Shree Rahul Education Society and Rahul Builders and Developers.

On this issue when this reporter sent a text message to Anil Tiwari and director Manoj Tiwari for their version of the story, they abused and threatened this journalist in a very cheap languages through series of text messages. One text message says – “You are well aware that everything reported by you is baseless and entirely false. You don’t have a single evidence but are still threatening me. This kind of journalism is merely for creating controversies and is unethical. Your only intention seems to be to extort money from me. We will be taking legal action against you.”

ABI has stated that it merely is reporting the news as per the complaint and has not passed any judgement on this issue. ABI as a news reporting agency is well within its rights to publish news which it believes is true and will not be cowed down by the baseless allegations and threats of legal action from Anil Tiwari.

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