Anil Powar, Senior Inspector, MFC Police Station, Kalyan


IF any person wants to advance his knowledge about registering bogus FIRs, it would be best to take coaching from Anil Powar, senior inspector, Mahatma Fule Chowk (MFC) police station in Kalyan (West). Recently, Powar registered an FIR against Chandrakant Shetty for stealing materials worth Rs 5,000 that were his own. It is worthwhile noting here that Chandrakant Shetty is a millionaire businessman with a high reputation in Kalyan.

On February 2, 2016, Chandrakant Ramanna Shetty alias Babu complained (copy with ABI) to several top police authorities, demanding action against Anil Powar. “Yes, I have complained against Anil Powar. If authorities fail to take action, I will approach the Bombay High court,” said Chandrakant Shetty.

The 52-year-old Babu is a resident of Bail Bazar, Kalyan (West), district Thane. He owns Deepak restaurant, Maharashtra guest house, Diksha medical store, Shreya chemical factory, Ganesh Bhuwan bar and permit room and Sridevi hospital. He has a construction company named Vitravel and is also involved in developing land. He also has other moveable and immovable properties.

According to a complaint on December 25, 2016, MFC police station registered FIR (copy with ABI) CR No-I 482/2016, under sections 447 (criminal trespass), 379 (theft), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 506 (criminal intimidation) and 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the IPC against Chandrakant Shetty and his manager, Navin Bangera.

Chandrakant Shetty

On December 22, 2016, Chandrakant Shetty had undertaken some maintenance work on the terrace of Borgaionkarwadi shopping complex. Babu has his own Maharashtra guest house in the same complex. A person, Mayashankar Mataprasad Pandey, appeared there with his son. They introduced themselves as Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation (KDMC) officers and asked for the work to stop. After learning about this, Babu also went there. Babu told the Pandeys that he had society permission. A heated argument ensued. Pandey approached the MFC police station and registered a non-cognizable (NC) complaint against Babu and Bangera. Later Babu also registered a cross-complaint-NC against Pandey and his son.

Shockingly, senior inspector Anil Powar ordered Babu to stop work.

To avoid any controversy, Babu deployed a security guard on the terrace. The same night, around six men went to the terrace. They had covered their faces and had iron bars and knives. One of the goons threatened that Bangera should withdraw his complaint or be ready to face police action on fake grounds. The security guard immediately called the police station. The police arrived and caught two goons, taking them to the police station. Shockingly, after registering only an NC complaint the police released them.

The story starts from here. On December 23, 2016, Pandey gave an application in the police station and on December 25, 2016, the police registered an FIR against Babu and Bangera. The police registered an FIR for trespassing and stealing materials, including an iron bar (200 to 250 kg) worth Rs 5,000.

However, Babu and Bangera got anticipatary bail from Kalyan court. Before registering the FIR, senior inspector Anil Powar did not apply his mind (if he has one).


1- The terrace is common, then how was trespassing section applied?
2- Babu was doing maintenance work. CCTV footage shows Babu has bought the materials. Their men loaded the materials on the terrace. Babu can produce the bill. Can Pandey produce any proof that he has bought the materials?
3- Babu is a well-known businessman in the city. He is a millionaire. Would he steal materials worth Rs 5,000?
4- Why only NC complaint was registered against two goons caught red-handed on the terrace?
5- After reading Pandey’s statement for the FIR, why did Powar not apply his mind to the fact that the matter is disputed and old. Powar should have looked at the possibility that Pandey was lying.
6- Why the police were in so much hurry to register an FIR on Pandey’s application, submitted a mere two days before. Are Powar’s actions similar for all applications?
7- An FIR of MRTP is registered against Mayashankar Pandey at the MFC police station. Why has Powar did not arrest Pandey till now ? Can Powar answer how a person (Pandey) against whom there is an FIR registered frequently visit the police station and register a bogus FIR.
8- NC cross-complaints have already been registered. Since the beginning, the police have been taking one side only, that is, in favour of Pandey.
We leave it to the readers to guess why Anil Powar is so kind to Mayashankar Pandey.

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4 years ago

East or west ABI is best.Joh boleh fir hak peh boleh.☆☆☆

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4 years ago

There should be strict action on Anil Pawar and pandey.

4 years ago

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Good going Abi