DCP Akhilesh Singh

PERHAPS Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) was just being sarcastic or it was his attempt to be humorous, but DCP Akhilesh Singh has managed to show his funny side, when he stated that not even a single Senior Inspector in his zone was using Air Conditioned (AC) and LED TV in their cabins at police stations. Not only this Akhilesh Singh also gave out a stern oral warning that if he finds any Sr. Inspector using an AC in their cabin during his visit, then they will be punished.

Akhilesh Singh is DCP of Zone 7 in Mumbai Police and eight police stations – Ghatkopar, Pantnagar, Vikroli, Parksite, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Navghar and Mulund – fall under his jurisdiction.

RTI activist Radheshyam Sharma, a resident of Vikroli – East had requested for information through RTI on details about number of AC’s in use at Mulund police station? Mulund police station replied that there was only one AC available. Finding the reply to be vague and unbelievable, Sharma visited Mulund police station to verify this information and found out that there were four ACs on the police station’s premises. On May 5, 2018, ‘Lokshahi Din’ Sharma complained to District Collector, Mumbai City to take action against Mulund police. On Sharma’s complaint District Collector demanded information about ACs from DCP Akhilesh Singh.

On August 2, 2018 DCP Akhilesh Singh submitted a detailed report to District Collector of Mumbai city. According to Akhilesh Singh, the senior police inspectors of Ghatkopar, Pantnagar, Vikroli, Parksite, Bhandup, Kanjurmarg, Navghar and Mulund police stations are not using Air Conditioners in their cabin. Only Pantnagar police station has two LED TVs. One more matter that needs looking into is that Akhilesh Singh says that investigation officers (IO) are using their own personal Laptops and Computers.

Akhilesh Singh also claimed that he has verbally warned Sr. Inspectors that if they were found using AC’s in their cabins during his visit, then they would be punished.

“Maine khud dekha ki Mulund aur Vikroli police stations ke senior inspector apni cabin me ACs use kar rahe hain,” said Sharma. “Baki police stations me maine jaane ki himmat nahin ki kyonki dar gaya ki Akhilesh Singh mujhe kisi bhi jhoothe case me fansa sakta hai,” added Sharma.

Sharma wrote to District Collector of Mumbai city to take action against Akhilesh Singh over his false information/affidavit. Sharma’s complaint and RTI reply copies are available with ABI (abinet.org).

The government rule
On February 27, 2012 Maharashtra government passed a rule (in sixth pay commission) that any government officer who is getting above Rs 37,400-67,000 as salary are permitted to use AC in their cabins only.

NOTE: Sources say that recently, on 12th October 2018, Akhilesh Singh held a meeting with all on duty as well as off duty officers at Parksite police station. The main agenda of the meeting was to find a way to frame ABI reporter Ranjit Mahanti, who since past few months has been relentless in exposing instances of corruption, apathy and procedural lapses of the Parksite police station personnel as well as DCP Akhilesh Singh. Senior Inspector Vilas Jadhav alias Langda promised that before his retirement he will surely teach a lesson to Mahanti. However, Akhilesh Singh ordered to start chapter proceedings against Mahanti.

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4 years ago

What is the problem in using AC in police station? Police officers are human beings too. And what authority and executive powers does the Mumbai collector have to question the police department about their use of electronic appliances? Such Rti queries are done only for nuisance. And as for the DCP Akhilesh Singh he has always proven that he is a Joker. If you cant give moral support to your colleagues and juniors atleast dont Deface the whole department by lying. The most incompetant officer of the department.