BHARATIYA Janata Party’s (BJP) Ulhasnagar District President and former MLA Kumar Uttamchand Ailani is set to pay a heavy price for carrying out encroachment on Lonavala land belonging to one Kotak family. The Lonavala Municipal Council (LMC) has slapped a demolition notice to the land owners for unauthorised construction on their land which was carried out by Kumar Ailani.

The notice (copy with ABI) was issued on September 1, 2017 by the LMC under Section 53 r/w Section 152 of the Maharashtra Regional Town Planning Act, 1966. In this demolition notice the civic body has mentuoned six illegal structures and has stated that it would carry out the demolition within 32 days of issuing the notice.

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) had exposed Kumar Ailani in an article on August 24, 2017 under headline, “Ulhasnagar’s Ex-BJP MLA Kumar Ailani encroaches on land worth over Rs 20 crore in LONAVALA.”
The LMC officials were trying their best to save the illegal structure erected by Kumar Ailani but failed as on one hand the news got heavily viral on social media and on another hand the land owner Millind H Kotak, continued his persistent follow-up.

Says Millind H Kotak, “Though the demolition notice was ready the signing authority, namely Suresh Gaikwad, went on “alleged sick leave”, even when he was absolutely healthy.”

Ailani’s personal secretary Ashok Godbole acknowledged the notice. “Yes, I am aware about demolition notice issued by LMC,” he said.

A Mumbai-based businessman Millind H Kotak has complained to several authorities demanding two FIRs to be registered against Kumar Ailani, his son Dheeraj Ailani and others for offenses of criminal trespass, criminal conspiracy, cheating, forgery and other offenses under IPC and for the demolition of the above illegal structures on his family land. Ailani wants to develop a bamboo based theme restaurent on the land.

According to the complaint dated August 8, 2017 (copy with ABI), Ailani has built illegal structures on the land, admeasuring 55 gunthas, which is valued at over Rs. 20 crore and demolished the bungalow admeasuring 5000 sq. ft. located at city survey No. 172, ward B, Lonavala on the Mumbai-Pune highway, next to the L & T training centre. This land was originally acquired by Manilal Harjivandas Kotak, the grandfather of Milind Kotak.

“The LMC has issued notice to the land owners (Kotak family). It has not issued the notice to Kumar Ailani as the mutation applications made by Ailani have been rejected and thus the property card and the property tax bill still are in the name of my (Kotak) family,” said Millind Kotak.

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I a shaikh
I a shaikh
4 years ago

There should be law for officers who support such construction. But they r supported in evil design. Law n accountability against officers.