Vinod Upadhyay and Senior Inspector Sanjay Dalvi

Ranjit Mahanti

VINOD Upadhyay (36) has filed a complaint to several authorities including Maharashtra Human Rights Commission (MHRC) against brutalities and actions of Vikhroli police station. He has also demanded Rs. 1 Crore as compensation for severe mental agony caused to him due to illegal actions of Senior Inspector Sanjay Dalvi.

According to Upadhyay’s complaint, Senior Inspector Sanjay Dalvi, who is attached to Vikhroli Police Station, called him up to the police station forcefully and pressurised him to frame a whistleblower by the name of Radheshyam Sharma. Sanjay Dalvi misuses his position as Senior Inspector and continuously harassed and pressurized Vinod Upadhyay by framing him in frivolous and false cases.

Vinod Upadhyay has specifically named Senior Inspector Sanjay Dalvi, Inspector Satish Kasbe, Inspector Ashok Pawar, Sub Inspector Katkade and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Shekhar Pawar in his complaint.

According to the complaint (copy available with ABI), On October 18, 2019 Police Inspector Ashok Pawar called Vinod Upadhyay on his cell phone and ordered him to come to Vikhroli Police Station immediately. Upadhyay was fed up with the high handed and arbitrary behaviour of officials of Vikhroli Police Station. Therefore, he had given a written application to the police station that he would be happy to visit the police station as and when called. But he had requested that the police officials give a specific reason and official summons when calling him to the police station. Upadhyay reminded Pawar about his application on the call. One can hear how Pawar and Inspector Dalvi got highly offended by Upadhyay’s application and request for being sent a notice. Sanjay Dalvi can be heard using a high handed and agitated voice as he ordered Upadhyay to come to the police station immediately. Sanjay Dalvi further threatened Upadhyay and said that if he doesn’t come to the police station immediately, he will send his team to pick him up forcefully and get him to the police station. (Audio Clip attached with this news).

“I have seen and experienced the dirty side of Vikhroli police officials before. Therefore after the call, I feared that I would be thrashed and beaten up and booked in a false case. Hence I rushed to the police station immediately.” said Upadhyay.

Sanjay Dalvi and other police officers of his team, attached with Vikhroli police station forced and pressurised Vinod Upadhyay to give a statement that Radheshyam Sharma had threatened inspector Ashok Pawar from his (Upadhyay’s) mobile phone. Vinod Upadhyay refused to do so. This refusal infuriated Sanjay Dalvi and he threatened Upadhyay and told him to be ready to be framed in a new case soon. He was then abused and asked to leave the police station.

Vinod Upadhyay runs a DTP and printing press business at Hariyali Village, Vikhroli (East). On October 15, 2019 Abdul Qureshi and his son Salim and Maz badly thrashed Upadhyay over a money dispute. After running from pillar to post Upadhyay registered FIR against Qureshi but police also registered cross FIR against Upadhyay and arrested him instead. Even after Upadhyay got unconscious after vomiting blood at police station, no officials took care of him. Since then Vikhroli police have been unnecessary harassing Vinod Upadhyay and favouring accused Qureshi.

Note: After reading the details of the complaint registered against Upadhyay, it becomes very obvious to anyone with common sense that Qureshi has managed to get a fake medical certificate and Sanjay Dalvi has registered a bogus FIR against Vinod Upadhyay.

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