Zuber Qureshi

ZUBER Qureshi, a Muslim man, is running from pillar to post to register an FIR against Netas and Lawyers for dishonouring the Indian National Flag – TIRANGA. The Neta allegedly hoisted the Indian flag in presence of Lawyers during the late evening which is usually the time to lower the flag.

The Neta in question is Muhammed Suhail Khandwani and the advocate is Rizwan Merchant. Suhail Khandwani is a Builder and Managing Trustee of Pir Makhdum Saheb Charitable Trust, Mahim. Rizwan Merchant is a noted lawyer of Bombay High Court. Along with Suhail Khandwani and Rizwan Merchant, Waqf Board Member Dr Mudassir Lambe and advocate Ashraf Shaikh are also accused of being present and involved in this act. The complainant, Zuber Qureshi (40), is a resident of Mahim and Chairman of Hazrat Makhdum Shah Baba Mahimi Charity Trust, Mahim.

On February 6, 2020, Zuber Qureshi complained to several authorities demanding action against Suhail Khandwani, Dr Mudassir Nisar Lambe, advocates Rizwan Merchant and Ashraf Shaikh. Copy of the Complaint is available with ABI.

“Being a Muslim, our dispute may be on CAA, NPR, and NRC, but Nation comes first. Nation and Nationality are above politics and all other things. Disrespecting the Tricolour and Nation is simply not acceptable,” said Qureshi.

Suhail Khandwani

According to Zuber Qureshi on February 1, 2020, on the occasion of 607th URS of Hazrat Makhdum Fakih Ali Mahimi a flag hoisting ceremony was held in premises of Mahim Dargah, Mahim. But Suhail Khandwani hoisted the flag around 5.00 PM, usually the time of lowering the flag. Apart from this, he also hoisted a religious flag in the Dargah compound. Hundreds of people, including Mahim police reportedly took part in the program. A short clip of the incident which has gone viral in the social networking sites has also drawn lots of criticism from all sections of society.

Zuber Qureshi rushed to complain to Mahim police station but to no avail. Police refused to register complaint stating Suhail Khandwani is a powerful leader of the Muslim community, and Rizwan Merchant is a reputed lawyer. Qureshi also contacted few top cops with a request to register his complaint but returned empty-handed.

“I have complained to several authorities and I will approach Bombay High Court soon. FIR should be registered u/s 123 (B) IPC of the Prevention of Insult to National Honour (Amendment) Act,” said Qureshi.

This is not the first incident, and earlier these gentlemen had hoisted national flag around 1.30 PM on January 26, 2020, in Dargah premises.

When contacted Rizwan Merchant said, “contact the police officers from Mahim police station and inquire from them about the permission that was given to the trust for the said ceremony and you’ll have all your facts corrected. These complaints are all motivated with ulterior motives. The flag was

hoisted by the trust in the presence of law enforcement officers as well as 100s of members of public.

Suhail Khandwani failed to reply our text SMS.

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