A Muslim woman has been fined 30,000 euros after she refused to remove her niqab in Italy. Woman refused to remove the veil despite the town’s mayor repeatedly asking her to do so.

Italy does not have a Burqa Ban law but it does not allow people to keep their faces covered in public for long periods of time. According to Italian media, the 40-year-old woman entered a meeting last month at San Vito al Tagliamento town hall in Italy and repeatedly ignored a request by its centre-left mayor to remove her niqab, which leaves only the eyes visible. Police were called and removed the 40-year-old woman from the council assembly.

The woman is resident of San Vito al Tagliamento in Italy for 16 years.

The woman was wearing the Islamic full-body veil during the youth parliament meeting in Pordenone at the end of last month. The removal was intended to help identify her as she watched her son take part. A judge in the province of Pordenone on Friday converted a four-month prison sentence handed to the woman into a 30,000 fine plus 600 euros cost.

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