Pankaj Mishra (left) and Rajesh Mishra (right)

Ranjit Mahanti

A partner of a pathology lab based in Bhayander, Thane allegedly stole a machine from the lab and was caught in Madhya Pradesh, while he was trying to flee to Uttar Pradesh.
On October 8, 2018, Navghar Police registered a FIR (No-374) (copy with ABI) under section 380 of IPC against Rajesh Ashok Mishra on complaint from his partner Punit Shivprakash Pathak. Rajesh Mishra was arrested and was later released on bail.
According to the Incident report, Rajesh Mishra and Punit Pathak were partners and were running a diagnostic pathology lab by the name of Dhanwantrari pathology lab, at Room No: O-201, Sonam-Narmada, New Golden Nest, Bhayander (East), District Thane. They were in business since 2007. Rajesh Mishra allegedly cheated 15 doctors in Bhayander and collected around Rs 2 crore from them. When the doctors started demanding their money back, Rajesh Mishra disappeared around two months back. He also had availed of Rs 17 lakh bank loan.
Suddenly, at about 2.30 AM on October 8, 2018, Rajesh Mishra along with his brother Pankaj and Pappu Mishra appeared in the pathology lab. Rajesh Mishra loaded a machine from the lab and some other equipment in a car. (Chevrolet Tavera, numbered MH04 DY 0458) and escaped from the lab. The lab worker informed Punit Pathak and police about the incident.
Punit Pathak rushed to Navghar Police Station and registered a formal complaint. The policemen then started to follow Rajesh Mishra and others. Finally, the culprits were traced at Banda, Sagar district in Madhya Pradesh. The police detained and took them back to Bhayander and only arrested Rajesh Mishra.
“I am shocked that why police had arrested only Rajesh Mishra, even though four people were involved in committing this crime, including his real brother Pankaj Mishra” said the partner and complainant Punit Pathak.
During the interrogation, Rajesh Mishra confessed before the police that he had planned to set up a similar pathology lab at his native place in Uttar Pradesh. After hearing that Rajesh Mishra had been arrested by the police, eight doctors also rushed to the police station to register their complaint against him as well. However, for some mysterious reasons, police officials refused to register their complaints. Suspiciously, police officials also did not seize the vehicle that was used in the robbery. The police did not show that Rajesh Mishra was arrested from Madhya Pradesh as well. Another suspicious incident was that police only arrested Rajesh Mishra and let go the other participants in the robbery free.
No explanations were given by police officials for this bizarre move.

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Satyendra Upadhyay
Satyendra Upadhyay
2 years ago

There were other 2 men (Brother of accused namely Pankaj and Cousin named Pappu something) caught from Sagar ,Madhya pradesh who were also seen in CCTV footage carrying Laboratory items in Tavera .Even they were brought to Navghar police station alongwith recovered items, Tavera vehicle and Accused. Apart from accused the other twos name should also be included by the police atleast now in supplementary FIR as they have got nothing to do with lab. And there were Lab workers also who are seen in CCTV helping accused to rob items from laboratory. Police should take them into custody and… Read more »