PSI Anil Kekan

PURUSHOTTAM Singh, a transporter by profession is searching for answers into why police sub inspector (PSI) Anil Kekan thrashed him for no apparent reason. Purushottam visits Parksite police station in Vikroli (West) daily to get answers.

37-years-old Purushottam Singh is resident of Surya Nagar, Vikroli (West). He runs a small transport business. On May 22, 2017 Purushottam complained to several authorities as well Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission (MSHRC) demanding action on Kekan. Complaint’s copy is available with ABI (


According to complaint, on May 18, 2017 around 11.15 pm a constable went on Purushottam’s residence. He informed that Kekan Saheb has called him at police station. Purushottam asked him what was the reason Kekan had called him so late night. Constable replied that come to police station, Kekan will tell him. Around 11.45 pm Purushottam reached police station. Anil Kekan was already there. Without speaking a word Kekan slapped three times him.

“I was shocked. I asked why he (Kekan) slapped me. He did not reply,” said Purushottam.

Later Kekan took him inside police station and abused him in a filthy language. Purushottam again asked why he is misbehaving, thrashing and abusing; Kekan again kicked him and ordered him to leave the police station.

“Kekan ne mujhe laat se mara aur police station se bhaag jaane ko kaha,” said Purushottam.

Around 1.15 AM Purushottam left police station. Since then Purushottam goes to police station every day to know why Kekan thrashed him but still waiting for answer.

When contacted PSI Anil Kekan said, “I did not thrash anybody”. Senior Inspector Vilas Jadhav said, “send the complainant to me. I will look into the matter.”

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