MLA Sunil Raut with dreaded criminal Mayur Shinde

SUNIL Raut a Member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (MLA) representing Vikhroli Assembly Constituency as member of Shiv Sena does not care about City Civil Court’s order. The local police station Kanjur Marg also shrugged off responsibility saying matter is not theirs.

One Ricky Elis D’Mello (41) had approached City Civil Court against Shiv Sena MLA Sunil Raut for a drainage line work going on his land. On November 15, 2017 court ordered (copy with ABI) status quo. D’Mello tried to deliver court order to Raut, contractor, BMC and Kanjur Marg police but all of them refused to accept the order.

Illegal construction work at Prem Nagar by Sunil Raut

“Tum jano, BMC jane, Raut jane. Ye hamara matter nahin hai. Court ne hame to order nahin diya,” Kanjur Marg police allegedly told D’Mello.

Raut claims he is doing development work from MLA fund and with BMC’s permission. But D’Mello claims Raut is forcibly doing the work on his land and without his NOC.  “I am the owner of land. Raut forcibly doing work on my land. Even he had not acquires NOC from me,” said D’Mello.

On November 4, 2017 Raut threatened D’Mello in police station, “meri naad me mat lag, nahin to seedha upar jayega.” One associate of Raut, Babu Thakur also threatened D’Mello, “If you interfere in public works, you will be booked in false cases.”

D’Mello is a resident of Prem Nagar, Kanjur Marg (East). On October 30 he called in police control room and police station complaining that Sunil Raut had started work of two drainage lines (first 80 fit and second 110 fit) on his land. A lady police officer visited spot but suggested D’Mello to go court. She cannot do anything.

“I will file contempt of court petition against Raut, Contractor, BMC and Kanjur Marg police,” added D’Mello.

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