Vishwanath Bhoir

Murder, Attempt to murder, Extortion part of his Social and personal work


WHEN regular candidates stand for election and seek votes, they try to educate and inform their voters about their social work, background and seek votes based on their personal image and reputation in the society. They inform the voters about the kind of social work they have done before and urge the voters to vote for them.

However, a candidate from 138 – Kalyan (West) Vidhan Sabha Constituency seems to be going against the known protocol. Shiv Sena’s candidate Vishwanath Atmaram Bhoir has appealed to the voters that they only vote against his face on the EVM Machine. When this reporter saw his face and bio data, he was left stunned. Bhoir’s photograph had a cruel, wicked, conspiring smile and his bio data showed details of multiple heinous crimes.

Vishwanath Bhoir is a candidate representing Shiv Sena, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), RPI (Republican Party Of India) and RSP Coalition. Though Bhoir is a resident of Kalyan, he is being considered as an outsider. Bhiwandi’s MP Kapil Patil, Kalyan (East)’s MLA Ganpat Gaikwad,  Dombivli’s MLA Ravindra Chavan and Murbad’s MLA Kishan Kathore have hatched a political conspiracy and have forced the candidature of Vishwanath Bhoir on Kalyan (West)’s unsuspecting voters. Even many Shiv Sainiks and BJP Party members are unhappy with Bhoir’s candidature.

Coming to the question, what has Shiv Sena’s candidate Vishwanath Bhoir done for the voters of Kalyan, based on which he is asking for votes. The answer one gets is that his first achievement is that he is the relative of MP Kapil Patil and his second achievement is that he is a known criminal. In Uttar Pradesh’s lingo, Vishwanath Bhoir is a Bahubali or a Political Henchman.

The affidavit provided by Vishwanath Bhoir to the Election Commission says that he has committed crimes like murder, half-murders as well as extortion. As per his own affidavit, there are criminal complaints (FIR’s) lodged against him in various police stations. Three FIR’s are lodged against him at Mahatma Phule Chowk Police Station and one FIR has been lodged at Bazaar Peth Police Station.

The details of FIR are as:

At Mahatma Phule chowk Police Station:

FIR No 324/2001 U/s 302, 143, 147 and 149 of Indian Penal Code.

FIR No 136/2002 u/s 143, 147,149 of Indian Penal Code.

FIR No 332/2002 u/s 387, 324, 427, 307 of IPC.

At Bazar Peth Police station:

FIR No 78/2009 u/s 307, 143, 147, 148, 149, 341 and 427 of IPC.

The voters, business community, general population and citizens as well as members of Vishwanath Bhoir’s own party Shiv Sena as well as Bhartiya Janta Party are shocked and scared after looking at the long list of Vishwanath Bhoir’s “Social Work”.

ABI View: In Politics, the more things change, the more they remain the same. It is shameful that in the times of increased public awareness and the age of social media, the political parties are still selecting candidates that have criminal background. Unless Political parties take the initiative and start giving tickets to deserving candidates with clean image, the nexus between politicians and criminals can never be broken and the voters will continue to suffer.

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