IF today is TUESDAY then it is MODEL night special at OPA Bar and Café at Sakinaka. Pay entry fee of Rs 5,000, go inside, enjoy music and dance with cigarettes, liquor, drugs and Russian girls, all this without ever fearing a raid by the Mumbai police.

We are talking about OPA Bar and Café in Peninsula Grant hotel at Sakinaka junction owned by Karuna Shetty Gaurav Shetty and Satish Shetty. We overheard somewhere that one Rajhans Singh and Rahul Shewale are partners and protectors too. Someone Parvat Shetty claims he is MANAGER. The pub is very popular among students and youngsters, bookies and punters.

Every Tuesday there is a special night called Model Night. Model Night means Russian girls are arranged for all customers. On a normal day, around 400 to 450 customers visit the pub, but on Tuesday the figure crosses 800, sometimes reaching 1,000. Karuna earns more than Rs 15 lakh on particular days. The terrace and first floor are full. There is one more special arrangement, that of Hukka Parlour, on the terrace. As per rules, food cannot be served in Hukka Parlour, but Karuna serves food also. Bookies and cricket punters are also seen at the club.

Mumbai police is not a problem

OPA Bar and Café openly flouts all the laws without fearing Sakinaka police station or the Social Service Branch (SSB) of the Mumbai police. You cannot expect action till Avinash Dharmadhikari is Senior Inspector of Sakinaka police station. He himself has replied in an RTI application that OPA has not got a single licence but he is not interested in taking action. But a more shocking point concerns Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sanjay Saxena and Additional Commissioner of Police (west region) Chhering Dorje. No doubt Saxena and Dorje are non-corrupt officers. But both officers are under unknown influence and not taking action.

Every Tuesday there is a traffic problem created at Sakinaka Junction but traffic officials becomes blind on that day, the reason you can guess.

ABI’s previous articles on OPA

ABI (Akela Bureau of Investigation) published two articles exposing how OPA Bar and Café is flouting rules and regulations. On February 14, 2017, ABI (abinet.org) published the first article under the headline, “OPA!’ pub does roaring business without a single licence” and on February 19, 2017, a second article under the headline “JOKE OF THE DAY: Sakinaka police itself claim OPA pub has no requisite license but do not dare to take action“. Both the articles exposed the nexus among pub owner, police and BMC officers, but they all remain shameless.

Ashok Dudhe, spokesperson, Mumbai police also is unanswered on OPA.

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Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar
4 years ago

Blatant lies about a place the author couldn’t get entry into, get a life!