Whistleblower demands Rs 50 lakh as compensation; claims Sr. PI Sanjay Dalvi FORCEFULLY called him to the police station and tried to FRAME him in a FALSE case

Radheshyam Sharma and Senior Inspector Sanjay Dalvi

Ranjit Mahanti

WHISTLEBLOWER Radheshyam Sharma has complained against Senior Inspector of Vikroli police station, Sanjay Dalvi to several authorities including Maharashtra Human Rights Commission (MHRC). He has alleged that Dalvi forcefully called him to the Police Station and tried to implicate him in a false case. Sharma has also demanded a compensation of Rs. 50 Lakhs for mental agony and trauma that this incident has caused him.

Radheshyam Sharma (53) is a resident of Vikroli (East), and is a well known social activist in the area and railway department. He has raised an issue that a Senior Police Inspectors cannot use Air Conditioners (AC’s) in their cabin and that has frustrated all police officials especially Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) zone-7 Akhilesh Singh.

On October 18, 2019, two policemen forcefully accosted Sharma to Vikroli police station from his house. They told him that Sanjay Dalvi has called him. Sanjay Dalvi accused Radheshyam Sharma of threatening Police Inspector Ashok Pawar from Vinod Upadhyay’s mobile phone. Sharma denied the allegation completely and said he never threatened Inspector Ashok Pawar. Vinod Upadhyay himself also denied that Sharma used his mobile phone to threaten Inspector Ashok Pawar. Upadhyay was later forcefully called to (listen voice recording attached with this news) the police station and was forced to give a statement that Sharma has threatened Inspector Ashok Pawar from his (Upadhyay’s) mobile phone.

Upadhyay has also complained against Sanjay Dalvi and demanded Rs 1 crore as compensation. Sanjay Dalvi allegedly framed him in frivolous and false cases. Vinod Upadhyay and Radheshyam Sharma have specifically named Sanjay Dalvi, Inspector Satish Kasbe, Inspector Ashok Pawar, Sub Inspector Katkade and Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Shekhar Pawar in their complaints.

After the complaint, Sanjay Dalvi informed Radheshyam Sharma that he (Sanjay Dalvi) was just a pawn in this matter and the mastermind of this whole false operation against Sharma was DCP Akhilesh Singh. Dalvi said that it was Akhilesh Singh’s plan all along to frame Sharma in a false case and that Dalvi was under severe pressure from Akhilesh Singh to follow his instructions. This was because Sharma’s complaint against unauthorised use of Air Conditioner’s by Police officials had troubled Akhilesh Singh.

“I will file a petition in Bombay High Court against Akhilesh Singh and Sanjay Dalvi into the matter,” said Sharma.

ABI View: The allegations levied by Radheshyam Sharma and Vinod Upadhyaya are serious in nature. An impartial investigation needs to be conducted in this matter. If the allegations have any merit to them, it means that the Police, who are supposed to uphold the Law and order in our society, are themselves using the tools of Law to exact revenge and settle personal vendettas, which is dangerous for any civilised society. Therefore the role of the named police officials and the allegations against them should be investigated by an impartial committee, and the matter should be bought to its logical conclusion.

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