ANIL Powar, the senior Inspector with Mahatama Fule Chowk (MFC) police station in Kalyan (West) never takes complaint against Mayashankar Pandey, developer and owner of Kalyan guest house. Mayashankar Pandey has foreclosure on shopping complex, harassing society members through several ways.

“Not only Mayashankar Anil Powar avoids registering such complaint against cheaters and goons. Indeed he is not fit for city and police department. He is harmful (Hanikarak) for Kalyan city,” said a shop owner on condition of anonymity. Fearing later Mayashankar and Powar will harass him.

There is a Borgaonkar Shopping Complex opposite Kalyan -West railway station. The Ground + 3 structure complex have more than 100 shops. Earlier Mayashankar was labour contractor but later turned developer. Mayashankar runs Kalyan Guest House in the Borgaonkar Shopping Complex. ABI is in possession of proof that Mayashankar openly runs prostitution racket in the Kalyan Guest House.

Goondagardi of Mayashankar

1- Mayashankar suddenly stopped the drainage system of complex four years back.
2- Grabbed the space on terrace. No one can use terrace.
3- Blocked staircase. Deployed private security guards. Sometimes locked.
4- Society members failed to celebrate Republic Day and Flag Hoisting on January 26 on terrace as staircase was locked. Private security guards were deployed. They approached MFC police but their plea fell on deaf ears.
5- Stopped using water from borin well.
6- Stopped use of common elevator.
7- Constructed illegal water tank in parking area.

“Tenants are facing several problems due to Mayashankar. His harassment is increasing day by day. MFC police is also so kind on Mayashankar,” said Ashraf Sayyed, secretary of Borgaonkar Shopping Complex Co- Operative Housing Society.

Anil Powar ki ‘Maya’

Senior Inspector Anil Powar of MFC police station is so kind on Mayashankar. Reason I don’t know. If Mayashankar wants to register fake FIR Powar immediate registers but he is not willing to take genuine complaint against Mayashankar.

On February 8, 2017 ABI (abinet.org) reported under headline, “JOKE OF THE DAY: Kalyan police book millionaire businessman for stealing own materials worth Rs 5,000.”

Chandrakant Shetty owned Maharashtra guest house in same complex. Mayashankar don’t like this. He always tried to shut Maharashtra guest house. On March 14, 2017 Mayashankar damaged Syntax water tank situated on terrace. When Chandrakant Shetty approached MFC police station Anil Powar refused to register his FIR against Mayashankar. Not only this Anil Powar has instructed his subordinates to not to accept any complaint against Mayashankar and anybody else related to him. Even Powar did not accept written complaint. Powar asked Shetty matter was civil in nature. Now Chandrakant Shetty has complained to several authorities against Anil Powar demanding action and transfer of Powar.

Earlier this, on December 22, 2016, Chandrakant Shetty had undertaken some maintenance work on the terrace. Late night six masked persons fully armed with knives and bamboo sticks, with an intention to destroy the aforesaid water tanks tried to go on terrace. On Shetty’s security guard’s call police caught two goons. They took them to police station but let them free without taking any action. This was Senior Inspector Anil Powar who ordered Shetty to stop work.
“Powar is not able to handle police station. He openly favours accused,” said Chandrakant Shetty.

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5 years ago

All police dept is hand in hand with builders

5 years ago

Why not Chandrakant Shetty file complement againest culprits,before high court under artical 226 of constitution of india

5 years ago

I think you should register a complaint on aple sarkaar portal against police and KDMC also.